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Online Pos System For Retail 

Module Name Module Description
Accounting The system is able to define and maintain the structure of the Chart of Accounts. The module entails activities related to book keeping and financial accounts transactions. With this module you can manage all your Accounts, monitor financial movements and transaction. You'll be able to do bank deposits to your different banks, Bank transfers within your business, Record Journal entries and other bookkeeping activities. The module also give you access to accounting reports which contains the following Profit and Loss, General Ledger, Cash Flow, Customers and Supplier Balances and Statements among others.
Single Chart of Accounts The system has all the accounting modules (LIMS, Finance and Accounting and Payroll) to run a single Chart of Accounts
Account Code Structure The system has Chart of Accounts that provide for a unique numeric, flexible account code structure.
Account Code Addition Chart of Accounts allow users with rights to add or deactivate Accounts
Sub-Ledgers/ Sub-Accounts The Chart of Accounts has the capability to create sub ledgers within the accounts defined or account categories defined. The system has the ability to generate reports for specific accounts based on pre-defined parameters
Budgets Chart of Accounts enable maintenance of budgets tied to specific General Ledgers (GLs) and get reports of the same
Dynamic Chart of Accounts Our chart s of accounts is flexible to accommodate the future of business expansions in terms of business lines & GL codes
Fiscal Period Definition The system has Mechanism for defining financial years and setting up accounting periods provided
Period Closure The system is able to close accounting periods at pre-defined frequencies (Monthly Fiscal Period Closure)
Additional Periods The system allow for setup and updating separate accounting periods for adjusting and closing entries
Posting to Periods The system only allow posting to the current period. Posting to close periods is subjected to approval workflow procedure. Posting to future periods IS NOT allowed.
Annual Rollover of Balances The system has the capability to perform annual rollover of balances from the current fiscal year to the next fiscal year. The profit/loss for the year
Customer Accounts It has Ability to create and maintain pertinent information about the customer including Customer name, customer code, Status (Active/dormant), PIN/VAT Number, Telephone and email contacts, country
Customer Codes System is able to automatically generate sequential customer codes. This code can also be user defined.
Sales Orders, Invoices System has Ability to generate sales orders and sales invoices. Sales by product, sales by customer and sales by location/branch supported and much more by phones, computer, laptops either physically or online/remotely
Linking of Orders Linking order to invoice/cash sale for later follow up including delivery tracking of items sold offsite
Sales Quotation Ability to generate sales quotations and convert them to invoices/cash sales as well delivery notes
M-pesa Integration The system has M-pesa integration- payments made to Playbill with customized thank you sms back to customers Real Time
Sales Returns It has ability to book sales returns/Credit notes. Linking credit notes to specific invoice and affecting the statement real time
Emailing/SMS Ability to email to customers' sales quotations/sales invoices using the system. Ability to communicate to customers using Bulk SMS in case of promotion, birth days, anniversary etc
Sales/Revenue Reports Our ERP/POS is able to generate Sales/Revenue reports e.g Daily Sales report Monthly Sales report, VAT Analysis report, detailed, Revenue by location/site/branch/business unit/customer/ products/ users
Receivables Management Ability to record different types of inventory and account receivables
Receivables Update The system is integrated with Chart of Accounts and provides capability to update GL with every Accounts Receivable transaction
Payment Receipt The system is able to automate the receipting process and generate Payment Receipts e.g physical, digital (Through sms and Whatsapp)
Account Update The system is able to update accounts receivables and cash/bank as a result of payment receipting
Account Query The ERP provides facilities to query accounts receivables and payable
Account Allocation The system shall be configured so as to allocate receipts into various GL accounts
Customer Terms The receivables module can define Payment terms such as credit period, Credit limits, e.t.c
Aging Reports The system is able to produce a customer aging report
Customer Statements The system allows one to print a comprehensive customer account statement showing all transactions (Invoices and Payments)
Cash Report The system shall be able to produce cumulative reports on receipts per customer, per bank, etc
Daily Closing reports The system has ability to send summary of daily sales at the close of the shift to manager through sms with total sales, expenses, mpesa, credits etc. This, calculate all sales as per the specified time range. It helps you analyses the progress of the business as it sums up your profit in that exact time range.
Customers and Suppliers The system is able to handle suppliers who are also customers same time
Bad Debt Provision The system support bad debt provisioning through passing of journal entries and updating the relevant GL Accounts as well as Withholding payments
Accounts Receivable Reports The ERP/POS IS able to produce Accounts receivable reports e.g Customer Statements,AR Aging reports for a specific customer or all customers, Down-payments/advances report and Customer Payment history report, Any other custom report requested the customer
LPO Generation Ability to generate Local Purchase Order and dispatching the same to the supplier as well as direct purchases from client
LPO Approval Workflow Inbuilt capacity for maker-checker for LPOs: where LPO are raised and approval is done by another user. Ability to preview, and download LPOs in PDF format. Ability to scan all attachment for the LPO
Purchases Returns Ability to document and post purchase returns and updating the same to the supplier account for credit note
Purchase Quotation Ability to generate a purchase quotation and if need be converting the same into an LPO
Cash/Credit Sales Elaborate process of conducting purchases on cash basis or on credit basis, which is tied to a supplier account
Creditor Payments Ability of the system to post creditor payments; simultaneously updating bank accounts and supplier accounts
Re-Order Levels The system is able to generate warning alert that can be used create a new LPO once stock levels for Goods reach a pre-defined re-order level
Supplier GRNS The system has ability to raise Goods Received Notes for suppliers while updating the stock balances for the stocks procured
Supplier Master Data The system has ability to define and maintain supplier master data for all suppliers which include supplier code, Supplier name, supplier contact details, supplier groups, PIN Number, sales person, payment terms, credit period, credit limit, supplier location, etc
Recurring Bills Ability to set recurring bills in the system for things like utilities or expenses which are equal in amount across periods
Accounts Payable Reports The ERP/POS is able to produce these Accounts payable reports e.g Supplier Statements - AP Aging reports for a specific Supplier or all suppliers - Purchase by supplier Purchases by date Purchases by location - Supplier Payment history report and any other custom report requested by Customer.
Item/Product Master Ability to define all the Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) and linking of the same as well selling them using various units of measurements. It supports many prices e.g whole sale, retail, promo and happy hour prices.
Stock Accounts Ability to maintain pertinent data for each of the SKUs regarding the stock code, stock name, unit of measure, main supplier, stock location, re-order levels, maximum stock levels, shelf life, markup (if any), tax codes, item GL accounts, images for the stock, e.t.c
Goods / Service Credit note Ability to generate and capture credit note from the suppler and cancel the Item credited in the LPO
Tracking Returns Tracking of products using receipt, codes, serial Numbers etc
Generation of Delivery Note Ability to generate delivery note of any sales/quotation made or requested
Multiple Stores Locations It support multiple stores location in the system e.g HQ, Bulk and Branches
Stock Transfer Ability to issue/transfer stock from one location to another e.g main store to depot/branch. Generate goods issue notes for branches/ stocks
Stock Issues It allow the Issue of stock items from one location to another based on the customer request
User Store Request Note It has Ability for the for user to request goods/services from stores and sign after receiving them
Stock Adjustments Ability to pass stock adjustments in the system to factor in breakages/damages, opening stocks, stock taking adjustments. To be approved by Finance Manager or any other authorized officer
Stock Levels Ability to create re-order levels for refills and automatically alert stores and finance on these levels and some reports including the location, stock balances, opening and closing balances, adjustments for stock taking
Budget Management This module enables you to plan for your expenses, allocate funds, and budget for other expenditures, then compare them latter to see which exceeded and which matched well for the planning of the next budget.
Stock Reports The ERP/POS is able to produce these inventory reports: Monthly Stock balances by item Stock balances by date,Stock balances by location detailed stock valuation, Know dead stock and fast moving items,Stock level dashboard and any other custom report reports required by the Customer
Payment Vouchers and Expenses System can generate payment vouchers /Cheque Payment vouchers as well as managing bank transfer. This module, you can input all the expenses incurred in running the business. This will keep record of all expense and also calculations in Profit and Loss report.
Allow Real-Time Authorization System supports real time authorization of payment vouchers/ Cash that comes with sms and email alerts automatically upon request by employee through the system.
Journals System allow authorized journals to be posted to cashbook
Restrictions System has various levels of restriction and access roles based on the users in the system. This module enables you add all your employees/members who'll be using the system. Here you can add their names, phone numbers, email addresses and their passwords. In this module also you can issue rights to each individual on which modules they can access and what they can/can't do in those modules
Bank Reconciliations Enable bank reconciliations for identifications of any wrongly done payments
Assets Addition/Values It has ability to add assets, asset description, physical location and their values as well annual appreciation/ depreciation
Depreciation Ability to run depreciation for assets in the system using predefined rates
Asset Transfer Ability to transfer assets from one location to another
Tax Definition Ability to define and maintain multiple tax rates. E.g VAT rates at 0%: 16%: Withholding VAT, Withholding Tax, Corporation Tax, e.I.c
Invoices Posting Record all net invoice amounts for all purchases and expenses
Tax Posting Ability enable and disable tax based on the obligation registered for to the correct VAT ledger in the chart of Accounts
VAT Reports Ability to extract monthly VAT Report consisting of Output VAT and Input VAT
CRM This module stores customer information and purchase history. Enables retailers to track contact information and preferred items to market to customers
Deal/ Prospect The system has ability to record all the prospects into the system as well as all the communications involved and reminders on when to reach them
Damaged Products This module enables you to record damaged or faulty products from your stock for efficient stock and inventory control and management.
Loyalty Points and Coins management The module enables one to manage and appreciate your loyal customers by awarding them points every time they do business with you, it also helps in managing
Production. This functionality enables one to be able to set up ingredients of a product that they produce/manufacture for efficient inventory and stock management
Serial Management This functionality enables you to add and manage serials with product numbers, receiving them during purchases and selling them
E-Commerce This is where the system will be integrated with the ecommerce portal where you can be able to sell/receive orders from your online customers.
Kitchen / Order Printer Customization This functionality enables businesses that uses captain orders - like Hotels and Restaurants specify where the kitchen orders or captain orders gets to be printed
Task Manager This allows managers or supervisors to give out tasks to employees, track their productivity and report back with SMS and email notification. This module allows you to keep up with digitalized reports from your employees about their daily tasks hence you can monitor who is very efficient and hardworking.
Biometric Time attendance Integration This module helps you track employee time attendance, know when someone is in or not.
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