Official Ram Training College Contacts, Courses ,intakes ,fee structures and Location 2018

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Official Ram Training College Contacts

Box: 81 - 40200 KISII

Courses offered at Ram Training College

1. Kenya Registered Community Nursing Diploma in (Nursing Council of Kenya ) for maximum of 30 trainees
2. Clinical Medicine and Surgery Diploma in (Clinical Officers Council) for maximum of
3. 25 trainees
4. Nutrition & Dietetics Management Diploma in (KNEC) for maximum of 30 trainees
5. Social Work & Community Development Diploma in (KNEC) for maximum of
6. 40 trainees
7. Social Work & Community Development Certificate in (KNEC ) for maximum of
8. 40 trainees

Ram Training College Location

Kisii County

Type of college

Private Technical and Vocational College
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