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How do I access NEMIS portal?

Double click  on browser accessible  in your device e.g. Internet Explorer,  Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google  Chrome, Safari, or any other.  Type on the address bar and press enter  button

What is NEMIS portal ?

A tool that automates the efficient management in the education System

it is a repository of education data

It is an online solution

How do I connect to NEMIS portal?

NEMIS  can  be  accessed  from  any  devicewith Internet connectivity;

For  Broadband connectivity at least 3G or 2Megabytes   per   second   (mbps)   speed   on dedicated links.

Who is authorized to access NEMIS portal?

Any person assigned registered by the System

Who are the users of NEMIS portal ?

Ministry  of  Education,  National  Treasury Development  partners  and  other  interested party in Education Statistics

How do I get HELP on NEMIS Access, connectivity and Navigation

Who are the developers of NEMIS portal

The    system    is    a    homegrown    solution developed  by  a  team  of  Inter  agency  drawn from the Government.

How   do   I   register   an   Institution   using NEMIS portal?

Login NEMIS using the following URL Login using the credentials

Go    to    Institutions    Menu,   

Under    the institution Menu fill in information in theFields provided and submit

How  do  I  reset  my  password   to   access NEMIS portal?

Contact  the  Ministry  of  Education  using  the following address

What is a UPI number?

It is a unique Personal code given tostaff/learner for identification purpose throughout the education system

How do I generate learners UPI number

A learner UPI will be issued  when a learner details are registered into the system

Who is a learner?

A learner is any Kenyan citizen or foreign erenrolled in the Kenya Education system

When should a learner get a UPI number?

A learner UPI will be issued  when a learner details are registered into the system

How is a learner promoted in the system?

Select  the  current  class  of  the  learner,  then select  learners  to  be  promoted  click  post button

What do I require to assign a UPI number to a learner

A valid birth certificate/Alien Certificate

What  do  I  require to  register  staff  (Teachingand Non-teaching staff)?

A valid ID Number/Alien Number

What  is  the  difference  between  the  personal Number  issued  by  TSC  and  the  UPI  number issued through NEMIS portal?

A personal number is given by TSC who has graduated from a recognized teacher trainingc ollege or a recognized university

What is a teaching area?

This  is  the  teaching  subjects  assigned  to  ateacher in a learning institution.

What is a study area?

This   is   the   area(s)   which   the   teacher   is trained on

How   do   institutions   become   members   of Nemis portal

Through   registration   on   the   system,   by uploading  registration  documents  from  the moe

How do I get help in NEMIS system ( portal ) contacts


Ministry of Education

P.O Box 30040-00100

Nairobi,Kenya Jogoo House B, Harambee Avenue

Tel: +254-020-3318581

Helpdesk:For  any  quick  support,  the  system’s technical  team  will  be  available  through  the following contact:

Tel: +254-020-3318581,



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Nemis - Ministry of Education
DO NOT REGISTER ON THIS Portal. Parents are advised to check with their Schools for Children NEMIS Information Update. Introduction.
Every learner counts .
Double click on browser accessible in your device e.g ...
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