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About KNEC  – From the KNEC Website

The Kenya National Examinations Council was established in 1980 as a specialized institution to conduct school and post-school examinations, except university ones.

It performs the administration of primary, secondary and tertiary examination on behalf of the Government. Together with Directorate of Quality Assurance and Standards and the Kenya Institute of Education, Kenya National Examinations Council coordinates curriculum development and national assessment of learning achievements.

It also test runs draft curricula and carries out equivalence procedures of certiテッツャツ…ates and diplomas issued by other examining bodies. KNEC also registers candidates, administers and processes examinations. It is also in charge of research in examinations and curriculum as Well as assessing certificates from other examining boards.

To achieve its objectives, KNEC develops, moderates and proof-reads, prints, distributes, administers, marks and processes examinations. KNEC confirms examination results and replace lost certiテッツャツ…ates.

KNEC Website –

The official Kenya National Examination Council KNEC website is To visit the website click on this link:

KNEC Portal –

KNEC Website – KNEC also administers examinations on behalf of foreign examination boards:

  1. Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM)
  2. The Association of Business Managers and Administrators (ABMA)
  3. Association of Business Executives (ABE)
  4. Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)
  5. Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
  6. Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
  7. Edexcel International (GCE/IGCSE examinations)
  8. Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS)
  9. Institute of Actuaries (IA)
  10. Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA)
  11. Institute of Financial Accountants
  12. International Association of Bookkeepers (IFA/IAB)

KNEC KCPE Registration –

KNEC KCSE Registration –

Official KNEC Contacts

All correspondence to the Kenya National Examination Council should be addressed to,

Council Secretary / Chief Executive Officer
P.O. Box: 73598 00200,
Nairobi, Kenya.

Head Office
National Housing Corporation (NHC) House,
Aga Khan Walk,
Tel:+254 020     317412 /317413 / 317419 / 317427 / 341027
341050 / 341071 / 341098 / 341113 / 2213381
Fax: +254-020- 2226032

KNEC Website –

The Official KNEC Website is :

KNEC Contacts – Other KNEC Offices

KNEC Contacts – National Bank Building,

Harambee Avenue
Tel:+254 – 020 246919 / 020-247204
Extelecoms House,3rd floor
Haile Selasie Avenue,
Tel: +254 -020 2211545/6/7

KNEC Contacts – Mitihani House

Dennis Pritt Road,
Tel:+254 – 020 2713874 / 020-2713894 / 020-2713845; 020-2715980 / 020-2711536

KNEC Contacts – Industrial Area Offices,

Ministry of Public Works, Supplies Branch,
Likoni Road.
Tel:+254 – 020 650821 / 020-650822


KNEC Portal –  KNEC awards certiテッツャツ…ates in the following examinations;

KNEC website –

  1. Kenya Certiテッツャツ…ate of Primary Education (KCPE)
  2. Kenya Certiテッツャツ…ate of Secondary Education (KCSE)
  3. Primary Teachers Education (PTE)
  4. Teacher Certiテッツャツ…ate in Adult Education (TCAE)
  5. Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE)
  6. Business Education Single and Group Subjects Examinations (Certiテッツャツ…ate)
  7. Business Management Courses (Certiテッツャツ…ate and Diploma)
  8. Technical Education (Certificate, Diploma and Higher National Diploma) results

knec portal kcpe results 2017

knec portal kcse results 2017

knec results 2017

knec results online

login to knec

knec result slip download


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knec examiners portal

2018 KCPE/KCSE Examiners' Invitation Advert  PDF - KNEC


1.0 The Kenya National Examinations Council shall invite the existing and newly recruited trained Examiners for the 2017 marking exercise online.

2.0 The site shall be accessible as follows:

  1. 2.1  KCPE Examiners

  2. 2.2  KCSE Examiners

  3. 2.3  ECDE Examiners

17th October to 17th November, 2017 23rd October to 30th November, 2017 23rd November to 16th December, 2017

3.0 Examiners concerned are required to do the following:

  1. 3.1  access KNEC Contracted Professionals Website


  2. 3.2  go to Examiners portal and log in using your Identity (ID) card

    number and your TSC number as password;

  3. 3.3  download, print and read the invitation letters and the marking


4.0 For

instructions. Further instructions on acceptance and rejection of marking offer are given in the invitation letter.

further details contact any of the following:

  1. 4.1  Telephone numbers: 0720 741003, 0732 333530, 0775 471980, 0775 471997;

  2. 4.2  Email addresses: and 

Knec Portal Kcse Registration 2017-2018

The KNEC portal is designed to be used by KCSE examination centers to register their candidates as well as checking for KNEC results for KCSE and KNEC results for colleges. These centers are obliged to access the KNEC examiners portal on for registration and download of application forms for KCSE Registration. The application may be used for entering the details of the candidate with regards to KNEC regulations. It is then later on uploaded onto the KNEC Kenya database via the registration site. Examination centers will be issued with usernames and passwords so that they can upload the files, since each center is only allowed to register/upload details of their students.

After logging in, the examination centers will also be able to edit the details of already registered candidates, view or download the school invoice, nominal roll, or photo register, and register more candidates. Candidates can also confirm whether or not they’ve been registered successfully by visiting the KNEC website ( Note that this confirmation won’t require logging in using a username or password.

How to go about KNEC online registration for KCSE.

The headmaster of a particular school or any authorized persons may follow the four steps highlighted below for KNEC registration 2017:

  1. Go to the KNEC website (
  2. Download the candidates’ registration application form
  3. Enter the details of the candidates for the creation of the registration file
  4. Login into the website for:
  5. Uploading the registration file
  6. Entering a new candidate
  7. Editing the details of the school
  8. Editing the details of existing candidates
  9. Generating and printing of the nominal roll
  10. Generation and printing of the school invoice
Note that school principals should be aware that the application is only available for periods prior to the registration deadline.

Accessing the system for KCSE registration online

First, it is essential that you have the appropriate username and password. The username, in this case, will be the school code, which is an 8-digit number. Notably, the county code is used alongside the previous 6-digit code. To get the password, you can send a text to 22262 in the format KCSE#centrecode. You will then receive a message with an 8-digit number to be sued as the login password.

You will then enter your specific username and password then click Log in. After successfully logging in, you will be required, as a security precaution, to change the password and a form will appear. This form allows you to change the password. Note that this form will only appear if you’re accessing the portal for the first time.

How to change your password

  • Key in the 8-digit number you received via SMS in the textbox labeled ‘Current Password’.
  • Create the new password in the region labeled ‘New Password’.
  • Confirm your new center's password by re-typing it in the textbox labeled ‘New Password’. Do not copy paste.
  • Click on ‘Change Password’ for you to effect the changes.
  • To proceed to the upload of registration details, click ‘Continue’.

If you want to know how to check KCPE results online, then the following KNEC contacts will be helpful:

National Housing Corporation (NHC) House,

Aga Khan Walk,

Tel:+254 020 3317412/ 2213381/ 3317419 / 3341113 / 3341071 / 3317413 /3317427 / 3341098/ 3341027/ 3341050 /

Fax: +254-020- 2226032

Mobile: 0732333860/0720741001

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