Official Kamung’ei Vocational Training Centre Contacts, Courses ,intakes ,fee structures and Location 2018

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Official Kamung’ei Vocational Training Centre Contacts

P.O. Box 818 -20406 SOTIK

Courses offered at Kamung’ei Vocational Training Centre

1. TT Grade III-I in Masonry (NITA)for a maximum of Available 20 trainees
2. TT Grade III-I in Tailoring and Dressmaking (NITA)for a maximum of Available 30 trainees
3. TT Grade III-I in Motor vehicle mechanics(NITA)for a maximum of Available 20 trainees

Kamung’ei Vocational Training Centre Location

Bomet County

Type of college

Public Vocational Training Centre
Apply Today Kamung’ei Vocational Training Centre Main Campus

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