Nova Pioneer schools 2018 Form 1 Fee Structure

Nova Academies provides a world class learning experience and the best quality education for your child at a reasonable price. Thank you for the prompt payment of fees. We’re always available if you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspect of the finances.


Term 1

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Term 2


Term 3












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➢What is included?
School fees are inclusive of the student’s laptop (which Nova provides), all internet usage, all software required for class, and all electronics and robotics material required for the computer studies class. All textbooks will be covered within the school fees. Regular academic, sporting, and club trips within Nairobi are included in the tuition. Most trips will be planned and included in the shared calendar for the term.

➢What about health coverage?
Nova’s fees also include emergency health insurance coverage for all students – the policy covers costs related to health emergencies, including travel to hospital and care at the hospital up to specified limits. The policy will also cover lost tuition if the child needs to remain out of school due to the injury. The details of the current policy are available on request.

➢Are extracurriculars included?
Core extracurriculars are those that will be available to all students and are covered by the school fees. Additional extracurriculars require additional costs for the renting of facilities or equipment (e.g. for a non-core sport or advanced music training) and will require families of those students wishing to participate to cover those costs. The specific additional extracurricular activities and corresponding costs are available on request.

➢What is included in the meal plan?
Three full, healthy meals a day and two tea breaks will be provided by the school – and are included entirely in the price of the meals. Menu available upon request.

➢What else do I need to know?
Nova may organize optional longer distance trips outside of Nairobi or the country. The cost of these optional trips wil

need to be covered by families. The details of the trip and cost will be communicated with families well in advance. Due to inflation, Tuition & Boarding (excl. Meals) fees may be increased at reasonable levels in line with normal price inflation in Kenya. Meals prices have faced inflation in recent years. However, we are always improving and innovating to keep prices down while ensuring high quality. Parents of Form 3 and Form 4 students can expect to see a modest fee increase for special electives.

We take our commitment to you seriously and will notify parents well in advance of any changes.

Other Fees




Paid to confirm placement following acceptance offer

Caution (Refundable)


To be returned upon graduation minus deductions for any damages, including to technology





Details available from supplier



Payment can be made via M-PESA, Bank Transfer, or Bank Deposit. Further details and instructions will be provided when the student is accepted into the class. Payments are made termly, and must be made on time. For general inquiries, please email For specific questions about making a payment, please email 


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