No Pay For Teachers : Civil servants risk missing July pay

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No Pay For Teachers : Civil servants risk missing July pay

As The country is headed for a budget crisis following failure by Parliament to pass the Division of Revenue Bill, 2017. The (CRA) Commission on Revenue Allocation has warned that there will be no money to pay salaries to both national and county government workers with only a day left before Parliament goes on recess. “Starting July 2017, both levels of government will be left without budgets, which will result in unnecessary disruptions in service delivery,” said CRA chairperson Jane Kiringai. CRA has now advised the two Houses to find a middle ground in order to resolve the matter amicably. “Both Houses of Parliament need to reconsider their hard positions and have negotiated allocation to counties that lies between the National Treasury recommendations of Sh299 billion and the Senate provision of between Sh314 billion,” she said Wednesday during a press conference in her office. She added: “This will also pave way for the enactment of the County Allocation Revenue Bill, 2017.

The bodies that may be affected are teachers employers. and many More

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