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  1. Question: Do the Employers pay a stipend/allowance/wage?
    Answer: The sole objective of Industrial Attachment is to expose trainees to real work environment and not employment. Payment of stipend (if any) is at the discretion of the employer
  2. Question: Does NITA pay trainees who are on attachment?
    Answer: NITA does not pay trainees who are on Industrial Attachment. NITA’s role is to coordinate Industrial Attachment
  3. Question: What is the difference between Industrial Attachment and Internship?
    Answer: Industrial Attachment- the placement of a trainee who is still ongoing with his/her coursework in workplace for the purpose of gaining knowledge and practical skills. Industrial Attachment is a requirement in most curricula of training Institutions
    Internship- Post qualification placement of trainees in industry for purposes of gaining hands-on experience (those who have already graduated from training Institutions).
  4. Question: How long will it take before I get placed
    Answer: We strive to attach every trainee one month from the time of request as indicated on our service charter
  5. Question: Can one apply for attachment twice within the same attachment period?
    Answer: Students are encouraged  to apply only once within the same attachment period
  6. Question:  Which professions/fields/ level of study are covered in Industrial Attachment?
    Answer: All fields and levels of study are covered as long as the training institution has identified the need as per the curriculum.
  7. Question: Can Kenyans studying in foreign Universities apply for attachment in Kenya?
    Answer: Yes they can, however the Institution/College/University should indicate the need

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