: Industrial Attachment Contract Form 2 download Online

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Industrial Attachment Contract download online

General conditions:

(a) The contract shall be read in conjunction with the Industrial Training Act

Cap 237 Laws of Kenya.

Specific Conditions:
(a) The Industrial Attachee shall:

1. Obey and observe all industrial/site safety rules and regulations; 2. Serve the employer diligently and obey all lawful instructions of the employer;
3. Not divulge any of the employer’s classified information;

4.Not absent himself/herself during normal working hours without the
permission of the employer;
5. Not engage in any other form of employment during working hours;

6. Attend such classes or take such correspondence courses as the employer may require;

7. Avail himself/herself for continuous assessment by authorized persons to determine his/her achievement;
8. Complete all assignments given by the trainer on time;
9. Maintain the insurance cover for the period of attachment; 10. Cooperate with fellow employees at work.

(b) The Employer shall:

1. Give the attachee proper induction and orientation of the Organization;
2. Place the attachee under a qualified and competent trainer;
3. Provide necessary tools/equipment and materials during the period of


4. Provide the best possible and diversified experience to the attachee.

5. Assess the attachee using the provided assessment criteria and guidelines.

6. Furnish NITA with reports on progress and conduct of
the attachee on the prescribed Form(s) and format.
7. Provide necessary security and protection to the attachee.
8. Allow adequate access by the supervisor to assess the attachee.




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