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Payroll Byproduct / Pay Online an  nhif byproduct login  with a simple Employer Registration form from nhif.or.ke 

We have introduced a far more efficient & faster method of collecting employers monthly payroll byproducts to NHIF via the online Byproduct system.

 Rather than sending hard copy documents or email of the same to NHIF, you can just register and upload it once you login. This makes processing faster and reduces the chances of human error.

We only accept Microsoft Excel files (.xls or .xlsx ) 
Download The Current Byproduct Sample

Click Register to register for online remittance or Login to submit your remittance online.

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How to submit your NHIF Byproduct Online

Having problems with your account? Get direct assistance by sending an email to webmaster@nhif.or.ke . Remember to include your employer code and your company name along with a brief description of the problem.

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How can I register as a self-employed member with NHIF to get my nhif byproduct?

To register kindly visit www.nhif.or.ke go to online registration and follow the prompts. Alternatively, you can visit the nearest NHIF office with copies of national ID card for you and your spouse, copies of birth certificates (for children above six months) and birth notification (for children under 6 months),and coloured passport size photographs one each.

How can I register as an employed member with NHIF byproduct?

For new registration of employed persons attach an introduction letter or have the form stamped by the employer (excludes self-employed/voluntary contributors) or visit website www.nhif.or.ke for online registration.

How can I add my kids to my NHIF card for nhif byproduct?

Kindly Fill out an amendment form & attach:
i. Birth Certificate for kids over 6 months or Birth Notification if they are 6 months & below.
ii. Kid’s passport photo.
iii. Copy of Principal Members National Identity Card

After how long will I access benefits upon registering with NHIF?
For self-employed access to benefits will be after 60 days from the date of payment and 30 days for those in formal employment

How do I check the status of my card?

You can always check your status or get your NHIF details by sending a text message with the format [ID {space} Your ID Number] e.g. (ID 12345678) to 1550, by dialling *155#, using the ‘My NHIF’ App which can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store or the NHIF online Selfcare platfom.

How do I choose or change my outpatient facility?
You can always choose or change your facility by dialling *155#, using the ‘My NHIF’ App which can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store or the NHIF online Selfcare platfom.


How do I pay byproduct with NHIF ( Nhif Byproduct Via Mpesa)?

Step 1: Generate the eSlip/By-product number.
Step 2: Go to the M-PESA menu and click on Lipa Na M-PESA then Paybill.
Step 3: Enter 200222 as the business number.
Step 4: For account details – enter the generated eSlip number/by-product number as the account number.


How to check NHIF byproduct status via SMS

Go to the main menu on your mobile phone and compose a message.
At the message space, type 'ID', a space followed by the ID number or the Passport number if applicable. ...
Send the message to 21101.
You'll receive a message after your NHIF account status has been processed.

How much is NHIF contribution per month?
For members under the voluntary category, they pay Kshs. 500 per month (Kshs. 6000 per annum). For those in formal employment, contributions are made as per their income.

How can I reactivate my NHIF account?

You can reactivate your NHIF card by paying KES 1,500. You will then have to wait for 2 months (60 days) to start enjoying regular services. You can pay via M-PESA (paybill no 200222) or at EQUITY, NATIONAL BANK, KCB, or CO-OPERATIVE BANK.

What is the penalty for late payment of NHIF?
NHIF requires that you pay your monthly premiums not later than the 9th of every month to avoid incurring late payment penalties. For the self-employed and voluntary members, late NHIF remittances attract a penalty of Ksh. 250 for every month defaulted.

How long does it take for NHIF to be active?

The card takes 60 days to be active and the monthly payment is made on the third month and every month before date 9, failure to pay the monthly payment after a month amounts to a penalty of Kshs. 250 every month. The beginning of monthly payments depends on the amount one paid on the day of registration

How to register for Linda mama online as part of nhif byproduct

Dial *155#
Select the language you prefer to use i.e. English or Kiswahili.
Select Free Maternity.
Choose who is doing the registration i.e. beneficiary, guardian, hospital.
Enter the Identification Number.
Enter First name and Last name.
Enter year of birth.
Select county.

NHIF cover limits: Surgeries

Major, minor, and specialized surgeries package are capped at an average of Ksh500,000.00 per person depending on the hospital level and the procedure you're undergoing

NHIF penalties for self-employed individuals

If you fail to pay your monthly payments or make a late payment, you incur a penalty of Ksh 250 per month. Besides, you will also pay the monthly premium in cases where you had made no payment.

Does NHIF cover second wife?

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) will not cater for extra spouses in a polygamous family set-up. ... “For National Scheme members, number of dependents per card to be limited to a maximum of one spouse and five children,” reads part of the memo dated January 7, 2020

Can my wife use my NHIF card?

How can I include my spouse in NHIF? NHIF Kenya is the only medical coverage in the country that permits the principal individual to add beneficiaries at no extra fee. Besides, the process is short and takes only a few minutes to complete at any NHIF branch office or Huduma Centre.


How to Make NHIF Contributions Using MPESA (NHIF byproduct online) 

Every registered NHIF self-employed member is required to make a monthly contribution of KES 500 to their accounts. Existing members are required to pay before the 9th of every month to avoid penalties. To make monthly contributions, use the following steps:

1. Go to the Mpesa menu, click on Lipa na Mpesa then Pay Bill.
2. Enter 200222 as the NHIF Business Number.
3. Enter your National ID as the Account Number.
4. Enter KES 500 for every month you wish to pay for or KES 6,000 if you wish to pay for the whole year .
5. Enter your PIN Number.
6. You will receive a message confirming that you have successfully paid the penalty.

Kindly note that you are supposed to use your ID Number and not your Member Number

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 For Existing Users
The following is a guide on how to log into the NHIF Portal.

Open your internet browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
Go to NHIF Portal at http://www.nhif.or.ke/healthinsurance/
Click in Hospital Login,
You will then be required to enter your Password/User ID to log in
Once logged in, scroll down the page to access your dashboard.

Forgotten your NHIF portal Password?

To reset your password, submit your username or your email address. If we can find you in the database, an email will be sent to your email address, with instructions how to get access again.


NHIF Portal: http://www.nhif.or.ke/healthinsurance/


 P.O BOX: 30443 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
 Enquiry: customercare@nhif.or.ke
 Complaints: complaints@nhif.or.ke
 Liaise: info@nhif.or.ke
 Fraud: fraud@nhif.or.ke or (020) 271 4803
 Fax: (020) 271 4806
 NHIF Branches

How do I check my NHIF portal arrears?

It is very easy to check your NHIF account contribution status via your phone.To Check NHIF Status, simply type ID ****** where ***** is your ID or passport number and send to 21101. You will get a reply with the name of your employer and the last month you paid your contribution.

How can I activate my dormant NHIF portal account?

You can reactivate your NHIF card by paying KES 1,500. You will then have to wait for 2 months (60 days) to start enjoying regular services. You can pay via M-PESA (paybill no 200222) or at EQUITY, NATIONAL BANK, KCB, or CO-OPERATIVE BANK.

How do you check if I have NHIF penalty?

How to check NHIF penalties online
Visit the official website www.nhif.or.ke.
Sign in at the self-service portal.
To register, you will need your NHIF card number. ...
Fill in the details, save, then submit.
Create your password, which you will be using to log in to the online portal.
Log in at the self-service portal.

How much is NHIF penalty?

The law currently imposes a penalty equal to five times the amount of the contribution that is payable by a person for each month or part thereof during which it remains unpaid. MPs amended the NHIF Act, to remove the penalty for late submission of contribution from five times the unpaid amount to a 10 percent penalty.

How long does NHIF card stay inactive?

If you have defaulted for over 12 Months, you can reactivate your card by paying KES 1,500. You will then have to wait for 60 days for the card to become active.

How do I get a NHIF penalty waiver?

NHIF offers waivers for those who default for mote than a year. Pay 1500 kshs to mpesa paybill no. 200222 and account no. Is your id number ,then wait 60 days to access your card .

What are the current NHIF rates?

NHIF rates are based on gross monthly income. The lowest contribution shall be Ksh 150 for incomes up to Ksh 5,999; the highest contributions are at a rate of Ksh 1,700 for incomes over 100,000, as shown in the table below.

Can you pay NHIF for the whole year?

The new rules require one year subscription payment upfront for voluntary members. ... They require that if the default is for 11 months, besides the 50 per cent of the monthly subscription for all the months defaulted, they will also have to pay another one-year subscription in advance.

Does NHIF have a limit?

NHIF cover limits: Inpatient Services
Low-cost government hospitals: From shs. 1200.00 daily. High-cost private hospitals: The maximum coverage is Sh. 4, 000 per day.

Does NHIF cover C section?

Yes it does. NHIF board raised the amount paid for C-section deliveries from Ksh 18000 to Ksh 30000. It also raised the amount it pays for normal deliveries from Ksh 6000 to Ksh 10000

What is NHIF Supa cover?

NHIF KENYA. National Scheme (Supa Cover) The NHIF National Scheme also called (Supa Cover) is a medical insurance cover that enables the member enjoy all the benefits outlined in the Supa Cover Benefit Package. All Self-employed members are automatically in the National Scheme (Supa Cover) which costs Kshs.

How many hospitals can I choose for NHIF?

NHIF allows one outpatient hospital per member, for ease of service. It is advisable you select a facility that is near you. You can select a different hospital for your spouse and children. If you are not happy with the services of the facility you had selected, you have the option of changing it per every quarter.

How does NHIF cover work?

For people who are formal sector employees, contributions are deducted and remitted to the Fund by their employers at particular premium rates as per their pay grade. For people who contribute under the voluntary category, they pay KES. 500 per month (or KES. 6000 per annum).

Can I use my NHIF card in any hospital?

 You can access inpatient services in any of the NHIF accredited hospital/ facility countrywide. However, you cannot walk-in to any hospital and demand outpatient services with your NHIF card

Can NHIF cover my brother?

You can pay separately for your siblings and parents!

Does NHIF cover birth?

Maternity on the NHIF
For maternity, normal delivery NHIF covers up to Ksh. 10, 000 and Caesarean Section patients will get up to Ksh. 30,000.

What NHIF covers for inpatient?

Inpatient Cover
Hospital bed charges.
Nursing care.
Operating theatre charges.
Specialist's consultation.
All drugs and medications.
Dressing charges.

How do I add my newborn to my NHIF?

Ever wondered how to add your child and children? Kindly visit any NHIF office or Huduma center near you with a copy of your id, the child's birth notification if the child is between 0-6 months and if the child is 6 months onwards, copy of the birth certificate and the passport size photo.

How do I register my NHIF outpatient?

For new members , you can dial *155# on any phone toll free and register as an NHIF member. After registration you will get NHIF memebr number by SMS. You will now be able to access NHIF selfcare services which include Payment of Monthly contributions, Payment of Penalties and Arrears.

How much does NHIF cover Self-employed?

All Self-employed members are automatically in the National Scheme (Supa Cover) which costs Kshs. 500 per month for the principal members and beneficiaries. Other employed members who are not in a managed scheme are also in the National Scheme (Supa Cover).

When should I change my NHIF hospital?

Changing NHIF hospital/facility is normally done quarterly for the Supa Cover; that is in the months of March, June, September, and December, and twice yearly for the civil servants. Continue with the on-screen directions and repeat the above step for all your dependents.

How often can I change my NHIF facility?

You can choose, change, or confirm your existing outpatient hospital every quarter by dialling the USSD *155#, through the NHIF self-care website, or downloading the NHIF app available on mobile app stores or through the self-care portal.

Does NHIF cover eye surgery?

Yes if you will be needing surgery, NHIF covers most eye surgeries, even for non civil servants.

Does NHIF cover teeth whitening?

Unfortunately NHIF doesn't cover braces and other cosmetic dentistry. NHIF only covers general procedures such as extraction, teeth cleaning/scaling and polishing/Bad breath management, Root canal treatment, filling, consultation, X-Ray. ... You need to say outrightly that nhif is only used by civil servants only!

Does Kenyatta hospital accept NHIF?

The hospital is NHIF accredited. Thus, Kenyatta National Hospital offers maternity services free of charge from admission to discharge to all clients with active NHIF cards.

Does Pandya hospital accept NHIF?

7779016 - Pandya Memorial Hospital (Mombasa) (L-T) 7778074 - Port Reitz Chest Hospital (A-K) 7779929 - Rabai Rural Health Demonstration Centr (A-K)17 Mar 2021

What documents do I need to register for NHIF?

NHIF registration form (original 2 copies)
Passport photo (original) Of the applicant and the beneficiaries if any.
Identity card (copy) ...
Birth certificate (original copy) 
Introduction letter from employer (original)
Foreign national registration certificate- alien card (copy)

Can NHIF cover two wives?

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) will not cater for extra spouses in a polygamous family set-up. ... “For National Scheme members, number of dependents per card to be limited to a maximum of one spouse and five children,” reads part of the memo dated January 7, 2020.

Can my wife use my NHIF card?

Kindly bring a copy of your ID and your spouse's ID copy, marriage certificate or an affidavit from the magistrates' court to add your spouse to your card. For your child, avail his/her birth certificate to add them as your dependent or a birth notification if he or she is 0 to 6 months old.

What is the age limit for NHIF Dependants?

18 to 21 years
Mwanza — THE government yesterday increased the age of dependants on the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) from 18 to 21 years, spelling relief to parents who cover health service bills for their children.

Does NHIF cover gynecologist?

An NHIF accredited provider for maternity and gynaecological procedures, we provide high quality, affordable, client-centric, respectful maternal & child health care, pediatric, gynaecology, and family care assistance at our family care medical centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

Best Maternity Hospitals and Gynaecologist in Nairobi, Kenya

Can I apply for NHIF at Huduma Center?

You can register for the National Hospital Insurance Funds both online and offline through self-registration or visiting Huduma centre. A Kenyan resident who has attained 18 years and earns more than KES 1,000 a month and KES 12,000 per year are eligible for NHIF membership.

How do I change my outpatient hospital?
Use this link http://www.nhif.or.ke/healthinsurance/nhifselfcare to acces NHIF selfcare portal.
Enter your ID Number then click on continue.
You will be prompted to enter One Time Pin(OTP) that will be sent to your mobile phone number. 
While in NHIF Selfcare dashboard click on Change Outpatient Facility as shown below:

How to Choose or Change NHIF Outpatient Facility 

How to Choose or Change NHIF Outpatient Facility Using NHIF Online Selfcare
Visit the NHIF Selfcare Website.
Key in your ID number and press Enter.
Enter the NHIF Web Selfcare One Time Password, OTP pin, just send to your phone.
Click Verify.

How to Choose or Change NHIF Outpatient Facility Online, USSD 

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Does NHIF cover CT scan?
Does NHIF cover cornea transplant?
Cornea transplant to be included in NHIF package.24 Nov 2019

Cornea transplant to be included in NHIF package - The Star

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How do I register my NHIF outpatient?
Does NHIF cover mental health?
Is Optica NHIF accredited?
Does NHIF cover ENT services?


NHIF Rates for Kenyan employees for 2022

The following are the NHIF rates for employees 2022 in Kenya

Salary Bracket in Ksh Monthly Contribution in Ksh
0 – 5,999 150
6,000 – 7,999 300
8,000 – 11,999 400
12,000 – 14,999 500
15,000 – 19,999 600
20,000 – 24,999 750
25,000 – 29,999 850
30,000 – 34,999 900
35,000 – 39,000 950
40,000 – 44,999 1,000
45,000 – 49,000 1,100
50,000 – 59,999 1,200
60,000 – 69,999 1,300
70,000 – 79,999 1,400
80,000 – 89,999 1,500
90,000 – 99,999 1,600
100,000 and Above 1,700
Self Employed (Special Type) 500


That is a complete table of the NHIF contribution rates 2022 or, if you like, the NHIF deduction rates 2022.

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