New TSC rules for Hiring New teachers 2017

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What TSC Looks for Before Hiring Teachers

Masters degree Teachers

This teachers will have an advantaged as the Government embarks on recruiting 5,000 secondary school teachers. The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) selection score sheet seen shows university graduates with first class honours will also be pre-ferred. Also in this category are those who graduated in 2013 or earlier. The additional teachers are expected to start working in July.

TSC also said another 2,205 primary school teachers are being hired. And another 2,795 are being recruited to teach in post-secondary schools and institutions, including teacher training colleges. University graduates with first class honours and master’s degrees will be awarded 35 points upon which the rest of the interview will build. Those with a second class, upper division will get 30 points and those with a pass will get a maximum of 20 points.

Diploma graduates with distinctions will get up to 30 points while those with credits will get 25. Graduates of 2013 or earlier will score 60 points against those of 2014 who will get a maximum of 52. Graduates of 2015 will get 44 points. The length of time one has stayed out after graduation will also be considered during interviews. Applicants who have been out since 2007 and before will get a maximum of 40 points. All 2016 graduates will only manage 36 points as those who graduate this year are allocated 28 points. Those who graduated between 2008 and 2009 have been allocated a maximum of 35 points. Teachers who stayed out between 2010 and 2011 will score 30 points as those between 2012 and 2013 get 25.


Age will also earn applicants marks. Those aged 40-45 years will score 20 years. Those aged 35-39 will score 16. Those aged between 31-34 will score 12 points and 27 to 30-year-olds eight. Those aged 26 and below will score four points. “The purpose of scoring the year of completion of professional training deter-mines the length of stay but not year of enhancement,” reads the document.

Other factors include ability to communicate, which will earn two points. Special talents and willingness to participate in co-curricular activities as well as other duties assigned will applicants three points.

The commission’s Chief Executive, Nancy Macharia, said candidates should submit their applications to their respective county directors for primary schools and boards of management of post-primary institutions.

Applications were meant to have been received by Wednesday this week. A recruitment schedule shows successful teachers will report to their respective stations starting July 3. The county selection process is expected to take place by June 22. The commission’s head office is expected to receive applications by June 23. Vetting will begin the same day.

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