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The Commission has switched from money orders to Banking System as a mode of Teachers Registration Fees collection.

The new bank account to handle teachers registration fees details are:-

Bank Name: National Bank 01 Kenya -Harambee A venue

Branch, Nairobi

Account Name: Teachers Service Commission -Teachers Registration Fees

Account Number: 01001000905001

The applicants can deposit money at any National Bank of Kenya braru;:

:hes or agencies country wide.

There are two mode of banking system channels adopted namely:

Fill deposit slip indicating applicants name and National ill number and attach copy of Identity Card at the bank.

Submit bank receipt and one copy of the deposit slip and copy of Identity Card to Teachers Service Commission as evidence for payment.


Those depositing under Mpesa System will do the following:- 

Access Mpesa menu on the cell phone

Select the paybill option

Enter business number 547700

Enter account Number 01001000905001

Enter the amount.

In both cases minimum amount to be deposited is Kshs.550 the receipt will reflect the Ksh.500 Teachers Servic~ Commission registration fee and a bank commission of Ksh.50.

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