new salary structure for civil servants pdf kenya 2018

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parastatal salary scales in kenya


Grade Minimum Maximum
E4 292,765 576,120
E2 221,508 282,954
E1 198,267 257,747
D5 150,202 198,267
D4 132,178 174,425
D3 114,334 152,064
D2 97,184 130,226
D1  81,148 109,550
C5 ( Group N ) 64,919 81,148
C4 ( Group M )  54,532 68,165
C3 ( Group L ) 44,989 56,326
C2 ( Group K ) 36,441 47,373
C1 ( Group J )  28,970 39,110
B5 ( Group H ) 23,176 28,970
B4 ( Group G )  19,859 24,823
B3 ( Group F )  16,77 20,972
B2 ( Group E ) 14,007 17,508
B1 ( Group A- D ) 11,553 14,442

salary scale 7 in kenya

new salary structure for civil servants 2017 kenya

kenya civil servants salary scales 2017

job groups in kenya and their salaries pdf

new salary structure for civil servants 2017 pdf kenya

new salary structure for civil servants kenya

job groups in kenya 2017



new salary structure for civil servants pdf kenya

kenya civil servants salary scales june 2017

new salary structure for civil servants 2017 pdf kenya

src new salary structure pdf

src salary structure pdf

parastatal salary scales in kenya

src salary structure for july 1-2017

kenya civil servants job groups

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