new curriculum schemes of work kenya - New 2-6-3-3-3 curriculum

new curriculum schemes of work kenya

klb schemes of work

klb schemes of work for primary schools

longhorn publishers schemes of work

kiswahili mufti schemes of work

primary school maths scheme of work

primary science scheme of work

jomo kenyatta foundation primary schemes of work


Curriculum Designs

The curriculum designs are very critical and teachers must make reference to them consistently. The Designs are organized in four volumes:
Volume One
1. Kiswahili Activities
2. Literacy Activities
3. English Activities

Volume Two
1. Mathematics Activities
2. Environmental Activities
3. Hygiene and Nutrition Activities

Volume Three
1. Christian Religious Education
2. Hindu Religious Education
3. Islamic Religious Education


kiswahili mufti schemes of work

klb schemes of work for primary schools

primary science scheme of work

jkf schemes of work

primary school maths scheme of work

kicd schemes of work for primary schools

kiswahili schemes of work

longhorn publishers schemes of work

Grade 3 Schemes - New Curriculum (CBC) folder icon9 Grade 2 Schemes - New Curriculum (CBC) folder icon15 Grade 1 Schemes - New Curriculum (CBC) folder icon4 Pre-Primary 2 Schemes - New Curriculum (CBC) folder icon6 Pre-Primary 1 Schemes - New Curriculum (CBC) folder icon5 Baby Class Schemes folder icon5 Middle Class Schemes folder icon5 Pre-Unit Schemes folder icon14 Form 4 Schemes folder icon15 Form 3 Schemes folder icon14 Form 2 Schemes folder icon14 Form 1 Schemes folder icon7 Class 8 Schemes folder icon7 Class 7 Schemes folder icon7 Class 5 Schemes folder icon8 Class 6 Schemes folder icon7 Class 4 Schemes folder icon6 Class 3 Schemes folder icon7 Class 2 Schemes folder icon8 Class 1 Schemes 


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I like the scheme of work.It is more of practical oriented than theoretical.

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