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Nemis upi number - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and Answers

What is a NEMIS UPI number?

It is a unique Personal code given to staff/learner for identification purpose throughout the education system

How do I generate learners UPI

A learner UPI will be issued when a learner details are registered into the system

How is a learner promoted in the system?

Select the current class of the learner, then select learners to be promoted click post buttonĀ 

What do I require to register staff (Teaching and Non-teaching staff)?

A valid ID Number/Alien Number

How do institutions become members of Nemis

Through registration on the system, by uploading registration documents from the moe.

How do I register an Institution using NEMIS?

  1. Login NEMIS using the following URL http://nemis.education.go.ke/
  2. Login using the credentials
  3. Go to Institutions Menu, Under the institution Menu
  4. fill in information in the Fields provided and submit

Who are the users of NEMIS?

Ministry of Education, National Treasury Development partners and other interested party in Education Statistics.


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