NEMIS news Registration extended until March 31 as only 3.8 million learners had been registered

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February 20th was the date set for the NEMIS registration. A circular was sent to the heads of schools from the Ministry of Education with a detailed outline of the Ministry’s expectations. Nonetheless, as at the said date only about 3.8 million learners had been registered. Dr. Kipsang, then announced the deadline extension to March 31st.this information was released via various media outlets; Daily Nation, The Standard and Capital Fm Kenya also shared the news.

NEMIS log in

NEMIS login accessibility is pretty simple. Here is how to go about the NEMIS log in:

  1. Log in to the Ministry of Education portal via .
  2. This directs you to a content page with prompts to enter username and password.
  3. New member need to sign in first and create their pages, while already registered users can directly log in using the username and passwords used at registration.
  4. Fill up the personal details requested and submit the results.

There is some information that needs to be taken with high regard;

  • Passwords used at registration should be remembered.
  • Should one forget the same, it is possible to get a new one. However, this comes with a limitation; it is only to reset 24 hours after the last reset.
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