Nemis Kenya - Kenyaテ「竄ャ邃「s National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) Goes Live for Studentsテ「竄ャ邃「 Digital Registrations

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The ministry of education has issued a directive that all students should be registered with NEMIS(national education management information system) once all students have been entered they will be issued with a UPI(unique personal indentifier) that they will use for every stage of the learners education.

the information to be captured include

  • students name as they appear on the birth certificate
  • date of birth
  • students home county
  • students home subcounty
  • nationality
  • gender
  • any special medical conditions
  • any special needs
  • parents contact both parents
  • parents id number both parents
  • gurdian contact number
  • parents email address



Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang said the ministry had noted that the process has been slowed down by the fact that most learners were yet to acquire birth certificates which are mandatory for registration.

“To this end, the ministry has had fruitful discussions with the Ministry of Interior and National Coordination of Government on ways to fast-track the process of issuing birth certificates,” he said.

He revealed that the National Education Information Management System (NEMIS) had so far accurately registered 35 per cent of learners out of all the total 11 million learners in primary and secondary schools.

He said during the extended period, the ministry’s staff will continue working with various schools to ensure that all concerns arising from the process are adequately addressed to facilitate a smooth completion of the exercise.

The Ministry of Education announced the three-week data collection exercise for all learners in primary and secondary schools using the newly developed computer programme – NEMIS – on January 27, 2018.

Starting this year, national examination candidates will use the unique identifier numbers instead of index numbers.

The PINs are also meant to enable the ministry accurately account for resources allocated for free primary and secondary education

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