My TSC NUMBER - Register, check online, Requirements , and Register & download payslip online [ updated 2019]

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TSC number application requirements

  1. A copy of your national identity card
  2. Certified copies of your professional and academic certificates (original copies)
  3. A copy of your KRA pin
  4. GP69 form
  5. Bank slip confirming payment of registration fees
  6. Certificate of good conduct
  7. One passport size photo
  8. For non-Kenyan, copies of entry and work permits

How do I find my TSC number?

 Once you complete the registration process above, the TSC will review your application and get back to you within 30 days. If your registration is successful, the Teachers Service Commission will issue you with a Certificate of Registration. With the Certificate of Registration, you can confirm your TSC number registration status. Also, the Teachers Service Commission publishes a list of all registered teachers annually.

List of Causes of TSC declining your application.

the commission will communicate within 30 days giving the reason for declining. 

  1. Lack of the required academic and professional qualifications
  2. Being of questionable moral character, i.e., you have been convicted of an offense against a learner or a sexual offense
  3. Having a criminal offense conviction that makes you unfit to be a teacher
  4. If proven that you engaged in activities considered prejudicial to good governance, peace, or good order in Kenya
  5. Having a physical or mental illness that makes you incapable of administering your duty as a teacher

Top 10 mistakes that you should avoid while doing your Tsc payslip registration 2019 2020


Check your TSC online registration status online

  1. You can check your TSC new teacher online registration status by visiting the TSC online services portal.
  2.  Then click on ‘Registration Status.’
  3.  Then enter your identity card or passport number and press go. You will receive your TSC registration confirmation.

TSC online payslip registration status 

Once you become a TSC member, you can register for the TSC online payslip.

  • Your TSC number
  • National identity card number
  • KRA pin
  • A designation code
  • Your paystation code
  • Your bank account number
  • Phone number and email address
  • A password

 After activating your account, you can log in using your TSC number and password to access your online payslip.


Conditions for TSC deregistration 

The TSC website outlines some of the reasons why the commission can deregister a teacher. They include;

  • Death
  • Obtaining registration fraudulently
  • If you have been convicted of a sexual offense or an act against a learner
  • Conviction of a criminal offense that makes a teacher unfit
  • If you become unfit after disciplinary proceedings
  • If you suffer a mental or physical illness that makes you incapable of carrying out your duties as a teacher

How do I register for TSC online payslip?

In order to attain the payslip online at the Tsc portal, the teachers in Kenya are required to access the official TSC website and then they will have to click on the link that will register for the pay slips online. There is, however, another option that can be used to register directly with Kenya online through

To obtain the Tsc payslip P9 in Kenya, it will be necessary to fill up the required form that will appear only after clicking on ‘register for a payslip here’. The form required to get an online payslip for Kenyans requires the true details of the following parameters-

  1. TSC Number
  2. Surname Name
  3. First Name
  4. Other Name
  5. National ID Number
  6. KRA Tax Pin
  7. Date Of Birth
  8. Designation Code
  9. Paystation Code
  10. Bank Account Number
  11. Phone Number (Mobile)
  12. Personal Email
  13. Enter New Password
  14. Confirm New Password
  15. Select Secret Question
  16. Secret Answer


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