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Martin Osang’iri is an innovative and experienced professional, competent in leadership and management of both development and humanitarian portfolios, programmes and projects. He is an Educationist by profession with strengths in Training, Leadership and Communication. Martin has a strong bias in coordinating disability and gender awareness and advocacy initiatives within the context of education. Since 2011, Martin works with the International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment, ICEVI as the Africa Region Coordinator of ICEVI’s Global Campaign for Education. He previously worked with Handicap International Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia and Kenya Programme. Martin holds the following academic and professional qualifications: Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education (and French language), National Diploma in Human Resources Management, National Diploma in Project Management, Master of Science in Development Studies and Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration. He is also a 2015 University of Pretoria Senior Management Institute Fellow. Martin is visually impaired (partially blind) and this combined with his work experiences in disability have made him diversity sensitive.

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