Most Downloaded Android Apps in Kenya 2018 Loan Apps Kenya

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App Position

Popular Mobile App

2 Facebook
3 Truecaller ID& blocker 

4 Opera Mini
5 Opera Mini
6 Instagram
7 My Safaricom App
8 OLX Kenya
9 Kenya news
10 Branch
11 Fitness and lifestyle app
12 Security app
13 Google play music app
14 Camera 360 ultimate app
15 Indeed Mobile App for android
16 Facebook Messenger
17 Tala
18 Whatsapp Messenger
19 Facebook Lite
20 Imo
21 HitPesa
22 Citizen News
23 KCB
24 Saida Loans
25 Jumia
26 Candy Crash Saga
27 Twitter
28 KTN News
29 Mdundo
30 Bible in Swahili


The application has become popular in 2017 since it allows Kenyans to get affordable, efficient and reliable transport services.


Kenyans still want to connect with their friends and share information using social media platforms such as Facebook.

Truecaller ID& blocker 

This app helps the consumers to trace the identity of callers and to take security measures when utilizing a mobile phone. Considering the security issues posed by criminals in detention, the app will continue to thrill the population.

Opera Mini

This is one of the android apps Kenya that allows the users to have a better browsing experience. Its popularity rises from the fact that thousands upon thousands of Kenyans are using the internet to get services and access information.


Kenyans from all walks of life love this app as it helps them to connect with their friends by sharing photos and other crucial information.

My Safaricom

It is no secret that almost every Kenyan utilizes Safaricom services and thus, would wish to have an app that enables them to have a better experience.

OLX Kenya

The android apps Kenya helps the citizens to buy and sell goods freely.

Kenya news

People in the country love to remain updated on the major events in the country. This app comes in handy in this regard.


Considering the economic harsh times in the country, many people need instant loans. This android app Kenya has helped them accordingly.  .

Fitness and lifestyle app

People are becoming more aware of the need to lead healthy lifestyles. Android offers them a seven minute workout to assist them in the course.

Security app

To secure their devices from malware practices, Kenyans have been downloading the security app by android.

Google play music app

The Kenyan population loves music. This app helps them to find their favorite music in a convenient manner.

Camera 360 ultimate app

Everyone with a Smartphone tries to take a shot of the best scenes in the country or even the ‘selfish’ . This app has helped Kenyans to utilize its features to take good shots and share with the friends.

Android Keyboard

Using the apps, the users can type in a better way and accomplish numerous tasks.

Indeed Mobile App for android

The app is popular amongst the Kenyans who want to find jobs easily.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook owns several mobile apps including Facebook Messenger. Most users of the Facebook App download the Messenger as well. The App has become popular because it simplifies sending messages to friends on Facebook. Users can ignore all other pages on Facebook and chat with friends through the Facebook Messenger App.


The App was previously known as Mkopo Rahisi. Tala enables users to borrow soft loans through their phones. Through a simple application process, users can get fast loans and receive the cash on Mpesa.

Whatsapp Messenger

Most Kenyans have shifted from the traditional text messages to Whatsapp messages. The Facebook-owned app enables its users to share photos, text messages, and videos. Recent updates on the app allow users to make video calls to other Whatsapp users.

Facebook Lite

One of the major concerns among mobile app users is data usage. Most apps use large amounts of data, which discourages phone users from installing them. Facebook Lite provides a cheaper way to use Facebook, which is the most popular social media platform. The low data usage attracts Kenyans to the app.


One major reason why Imo is among the most downloaded apps Kenya is the ability to share free video calls. The app also allows users to send normal chat messages. Users can call and chat with other mobile phone users with the app on their phones. Imo is also popular among Kenyans because it works on slow networks.


Hitpesa offers a convenient, affordable, and effective way of advertising goods and services. Consumers are bombarded with so many advertisements online especially on social media. It becomes almost impossible to differentiate products. The Hitpesa app is popular among Kenyan mobile phones users because of the reward scheme. Users get instant rewards for viewing adverts on the app. Business owners use the app widely because they are assured that their adverts will reach their target customers.

Citizen News

Citizen ranks high among news channels and the same popularity applies to the Citizen News app. Many people prefer to stay updated on the current news instead of waiting for the usual TV broadcast. Consequently, news apps have become very popular in Kenya.


Banks have warmed up to the latest technologies in business. Kenya Commercial Bank has been on the forefront in offering digital services to its customers. The KCB app enables users to access their accounts from their phones instead of visiting their bank branch. The convenience of the app and friendly interface has attracted most KCB customers to download the app.

Saida Loans

The Saida Loans app is also among the most downloaded apps Kenya because of the convenience of borrowing money. Traditional bank loans involve lengthy processes and paperwork. Loans apps like Saida eliminate the hustle and make it easy to access quick cash on the phone. One reason why Kenyans have embraced such apps is that they do not need to open bank accounts to get a loan. Anyone can get cash via Saida Loans as long as he or she has a good credit rating and constant income.


Kenyans have embraced online shopping for all items. Previously, online stores like Jumia were selling all their items via a website. However, the stores have shifted to mobile apps to enhance the experience of buyers. Jumia is among the leading online stores in Kenya and its app has become equally popular among online shoppers. Kenyans love the app because they can order for any item with a click of a button, pay for it, and have it delivered at their door step.

Candy Crash Saga

This app is more popular among women than it is among men. Women spend hours playing Candy Crash, which explains the App’s popularity. The App is slowly becoming popular among men as well. Candy Crash can be addictive and Kenyans love playing the game.


While Facebook continues to lead in popularity among social media platform, many Kenyans still prefer to connect via Twitter. The app is most popular among people who like to follow trending topics and news in Kenya and around the world. Twitter is also popular because of the limitation in the length of posts.

KTN News

Here is another news app that ranks high among the most downloaded apps Kenya. KTN is a huge brand in the media industry. Kenyans download the KTN News to keep up with the latest news and events.


The Mdundo app is a must-have for music lovers. Kenyan musicians are aware of the popularity of the app. Hence, they ensure that their music is available at the Mdundo website and app. Kenyans download the app in large numbers to listen to their favorite local tunes.

Bible in Swahili

Bible apps are popular around the world. Mobile phone users can get inspiration on their phone instead of going through the printed Bible. The Bible in Swahili has become popular because it offers a translation that every Kenyan understands.

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