Mitihani House Location and How to Replace Lost KCSE and KCPE Certificates Kcpe 2017 Results Online

Mtihani House Location

You might have lost your KCSE or KCPE certificate, that vital document that proves to the world that you are a learned fellow, and perhaps you do not know how to get a replacement, then this is the place to be. Again if you want to know the location of Mitihani House or KNEC Offices, this is the place to be. The word Mitihaniis a Swahili word for Exams. This body deals with all National Examinations in Kenya.

Apart from replacing your lost certificates, you can also be able to check for your KCPE and KCSE exam results from here

Kenya National Examinations Council

Having been established on 1st August, 1980, The Kenya National Examinations Council is responsible for testing and assessing private and public schoolsmaking sure they are providing nationally and internationally acceptable certification standards.

It is possible to replace your lost KCSE/KCPE certificates without a physical visit to Mitihani house except when going for it.

Lost Certificate Guidline

Download the Lost Certificate Guidline
Download the Lost Certificate Guidline | Source

Requirements for Certificate Replacement

These are the requirements for issuance of the replacement certificate:

  • The applicant should download and fill an application form requesting for a replacement certificate. The completed form should be sent to council secretary/chief executive, KNEC, P.O. Box 73598 – 00200, City Square Nairobi.

To download the application form, log in to and on the left side point at certificate replacement and confirmation. Then click on application for replacement of certificates. Make sure you have the following before applying:

  • The applicant should have a recommendation letter from the school or institution attended indicating that one had been issued with an authentic KNEC certificate.
  • Those from private center or whose former school or institution closed down, should get a letter from PDE/DEO.
  • The applicant should also have a police abstract indicating the loss of the original certificate.


Lost KCSE and KCPE Certificates Replacement

  • To be attached to the certificate replacement request form is a sworn legal affidavit on the identity of the applicant.
  • The applicant should attach a copy of his or her national identification card to the application form.
  • Pay a processing fee. The applicant should deposit 5,000/= to cater for the replacement certificate and attach the deposit slip to the application form before submitting it to the council.
  • Once approved, the replacement certificate will be issued within two months from date of application.
  • The applicant should collect the replacement certificate in person from KNEC and remember to carry original ID card/passport or birth certificate.

Further inquiries can be forwarded to or through ordinary mail. For more information about replacing your lost certificate, please check the KNEC Website.

KNEC Contact details

Head Office

National Housing Corporation (NHC) House,
Aga Khan Walk,

Tel:+254 020 317412 /317413 / 317419 / 317427 / 341027 341050 / 341071 / 341098 / 341113 / 2213381

Fax: +254-020- 2226032

Other Offices

National Bank Building,
Harambee Avenue
Tel:+254 - 020 246919 / 020-247204

Mitihani House
Dennis Pritt Road,
Tel:+254 - 020 2713874 / 020-2713894 / 020-2713845; 020-2715980 / 020-2711536

Industrial Area Offices,
Ministry of Public Works, Supplies Branch,
Likoni Road.
Tel:+254 - 020 650821 / 020-650822


Note: The replacement certificate is issued only once, so if you are the careless types there will be no other chance

KCPE Results 2016 online


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Thank you. I lost all my certificates 2017/09 and I did not know the procedure to follow for me to get other certificates.

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Hi,i would like to change the name of my daughter she used in her KCPE original certificate to suit the one she is using for KCSE. Please advise me on that.

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Write your comment here...I would like to get my kcse certificate year 2005 but I don't knw how.I went to donbosco sec scl Eastleigh bt the scl was sold since then am stranded the day forward,plz advce me

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Hi, i got someone who has been waiting for the certs after applying and paid everything till now we haven't received them almost 6 months plus now . please advice. Where does one visit for a follow up may be online

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I thought for a long time on how to get a replacement for my secondary school certificate which I did in 1994 and a suplimentary in 1997

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