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Ministry of Education Kenya

The mission of Ministry of Education of Kenya is to provide, promote and co-ordinate lifelong education, training and research for Kenya's sustainable development. It focuses on priority areas within overall education goals, notably towards attaining 'universal primary education' by 2005, within the context of the wider objective of 'Education for All (EFA)' by 2015.   Strategic objectives, programmes and policy priorities The overall sector objectives are to ensure equitable access, attendance, retention, attainment and achievement in education, science, research and technology by ensuring affordability of services. The MoEST seeks to mobilize resources for sustainable and efficient delivery of relevant educational research, technological and other educational services. The Ministry will ensure co-ordination of the provision of education and training for efficient delivery of services between government, donors, NGOs and communities. It will promote and popularize a Science and Technology Culture. This goal is in line with the International commitment on education and training such as the EFA and MDGs initiatives. Over the plan period, the Ministry will therefore seek to:   Integrate an expanded and improved ECDE into primary education Ensure that all children, particularly girls, have access to and complete quality primary education; Ensure that learning needs of all young people and adults are met through equitable access to appropriate learning and life-skills programmes; Achieve 50 percent improvement in adult literacy, especially for women and equitable access to basic and continuing education for all adults through rejuvenating ongoing adult training programmes; Eliminate gender disparities in primary and secondary education and achieve gender equity in education, with a focus to ensuring girls‘ full and equal access to, retention and achievement in basic quality education; Improve the quality of education and ensure excellence so that measurable outcomes are achieved by all, especially in literacy, numeracy and essential life skills; Reform secondary education curricula; Modernize teacher training; Strengthen partnership with the private sector; and Develop key programmes for learners with special needs   The identified flagship projects to address some of the above key areas include:   Construction and fully equipping 560 secondary schools and expansion and rehabilitation of existing ones, Recruiting 28,000 additional teachers, Establishing a computer supply programme, Building at least one boarding primary school in each constituency in ASAL districts, Establishing a voucher system programme in five poorest districts;

Ministry of Education

Ministry of education, science and Technology Kenya.

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State Department of Science and Technology P.O BOX 9583-00200. Nairobi,Kenya Jogoo House B,Harambee Avenue Tel: +254-020-3318581. Fax: +254-020-251991

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12 Mei 2021 — Functions of the Ministry of Education in Kenya ... business and governmental organizations into one physical location, and supporting ...

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Details: official Contacts of ministry of education kenya Location and website. ... The main functions of the Ministry of Education Kenya 


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