Marketable short courses : In High demand certificate courses in Kenya 2020

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In this article I have highlighted 10 most marketable courses that seems to be dominating the Kenyan job's market.

  1. Computer and technology Short Carouses in Kenya. ...
  2. IBM –International Business Machines. ...
  3. Agriculture Value Chains. ...
  4. Journalism and Media short. ...
  5. Applied Sciences. ...
  6. Nutrition and Dietetics (NUTRITION)

Marketable short courses:High demand certificate courses in Kenya 2020

There are numerous certificates courses that one can pursue colleges in Kenya. It is good to take your time and find most relevant and marketable courses to do order to are key to driving Kenyan economy .Therefore, choosing the right course is be get value from them. Nowadays, Certificates courses are in high demand and important. In this article I have highlighted 10 most marketable courses that seems to be dominating the Kenyan job’s market.

1. Computer and technology Short Carouses in Kenya


–Certified Information System Auditor and

-CCNA-Certified Network Associate

This is a part of CISCO short courses and in the field of Computer Sciences.

The certificate in this course will earn you a job in a very competitive companies as it is a world recognize

certificate. You can get a job in Technology Company as well big deal nowadays in Kenya and demand increasing due to emerging of the hackers as in media as well. With internet demand in many home and offices, CCNA is a high demand in Kenya. Home and Enterprise need to protect their data and information from theft which make CISA ideal short causes.

Admission Requirements

C- or its equivalent.


16 months and below depending on modules you choose to pursue.

2. IBM –International Business Machines

IBM is world class recognized computer and technology certificate that will boost your career and possibilities of getting a job in Kenya. There is no technology

Company in Kenya that does not recognize their certificates.


3-5 weeks

Major college and universities such as Kenyatta university, and JKUAT, are offering this course

Admission Requirements

D+ and at least c- in matches or equivalent

3. Agriculture Value Chains

Integrated Soil health and Fertility management.

Those are two courses for those interested in the Field agricultures and Forestry.

The demand cannot be underestimated at all. Agriculture officers are inadequate with government trying to curb food insecurity, it make sense to say that there is demand for extension offers in this filed. These are what we call field when you complete the course. These courses can be done major campuses and oriented and very practical in nature. You study what you will directly apply college in Kenya.

Admission requirements

D+ and at least

C- in Agriculture or equivalent

Duration 6 months

4. Journalism and Media short


Mainstream media as old field and there are others emerging fields due to technology advancements.

This has made institution to introduce those short courses to curb the demand. Those causers can be done in university in Kenya including Multimedia University of Kenya. Those causes include;

-Social media marketing

-Advertising and public relations

-Strategic Advertising

Admission requirements

D+ or its equivalents


6 months for certificates

5. Applied Sciences.

-Fashion &designs

This is one of the best courses in the field of applied sciences.

The course on the requirement to for startup in this filed as well as for career purpose. It is wildly offered in many institutions in Kenya including Kenyatta University and requirements are friendly. You will get a job in fashion industries as well as in manufacturing or tailoring companies. You can also gain the necessary skills to start your own business.

Admission requirements

D+ or its equivalents


6 months for certificates

6. Nutrition and Dietetics (NUTRITION)

This course is widely recognized and the demand is very high. You need to have mean grade C- (minus)

The course is offered in many institutions in such as Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians

Institute (KNDI) which is a recognized institution and many others. You get a job in health related fields in Kenya and East Africa.

Duration is 6 months for certificates

7. Business management courses such as

-Strategic management and innovation

-Hospitality and hotel management

-Project management

If you are good in math’s, I have a bonus for you

-take CPA

These courses are suitable for those interested in Business filed .Those some of the best certificate course that don’t disappoint at all. Even if you had a chancesupplementary courses for you. The certificate a lo9ne is worth a job in Kenyan

to do bachelor degree in business related courses, this can be a good


Admission requirements

D+ or its equivalents

Duration 6 months

for certificates

8. Engineering and Technology short carouses

-Computer Aided engineering

-Milling machine Operation

_Lathe machine operation

Offered at TUk University & JKUAT



D+ or its equivalents in and at least c- in

moths and Physics


6 months for certificates

9. Short causers in Social Sciences

There are numerous short causes that you can take in social sciences. I choose to limit the number and highlight the most marketable in Kenya. They are offered in main

Colleges and Universities in Kenya.


& Psychology


Admission requirements

D or its equivalents

Duration 6 months for certificates

10. Natural Science and Mathematics

If you are interested in Working in this field here are many short causes you can take.

-Certificate in genetics

-Certificate in Statistical analysis in Bioinformatics

All the above certificates are enough to secure you a good job in Kenya.

They are also good for those who would like to boost their career while taking a Bachelors


In conclusion

Whether you are on a higher education or fresh from High school, the importance of short causes

cannot be underestimated. They may help you either reach your career goal or

of getting a job. Choose the field that you feel comfortable and take that

get a side hustle while pursuing other academics. They also boost your chances

time.short course. I wish you all the best in your endeavors. For more information and suggestion leave us a comment and we will get back to you in the right.

If do have experience in any of the above courses, please share with us on our comment section.

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