list of certified public accountants ,auditing firms and functions of an audit firm in kenya

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List of Accountants in Kenya

Accountants in Kenya is the easiest way to find a trustworthy Kenyan Accountant. We are Kenya’s one stop shop for accountants in Kenya.

Find a CPA – Looking for an accountant in a particular location or which a specific set of specialist skills you can find them quickly as per your requirements using our search function. We include all registered accountants firms so you are ensured to find your best match quickly. If you can benefit from some guidance on how to find the right accountant for you read our guidance how to select an accountant.

Find Audit Firm – If your company or organisation exceeds certain thresholds you have to engage an audit firm. We help you find your audit firm in your area. Accountants offering statutory audit or other accountancy services need to hold  a practicing certificate.

Get a quote – Prefer to get an accountant to contact you based on your requirements and give you a quote? We can help by getting a verified and recommended accountants to quote for you business. You can limit the number of quotes or receive as many as possible. It’s the easiest and quickest way to find an audit firm or accountants in Kenya.


Typical services accountants in kenya can provide

Accountants are trained to provide numerous services to their clients. These services can be broken done in the following service areas:

Preparing annual accounts

Preparing accounts can take a long time and required detailed knowledge of accounting standards. This is where your accountant come in. They do this day in and day out. Your good accountant should be able to explain the accounts and the results in a few minutes. Speaking your language and not professional jargon. If you are looking primarily for someone to prepare you accounts then here are the accounts preparation questions we suggest you ask the accountants you short list.

Preparing tax filings for individuals and organisations

Accountants are trained to prepare your individual or company income tax returns. They should also be able to advice you on how you can potentially save tax. Tax can be a complex area. There are specialist tax advisers, some who are accountants and others with just a tax background. Having an accountant who is also well rounded in tax matters can save you quite a lot of money. Here are some tax filing questionsyou can ask the accountants you short list.

Auditing statutory accounts

For any well managed organisation the statutory audit, whilst time consuming will not add much value. It exists for the stakeholders in the organisation: shareholders, employees, suppliers and so on. As part of a statutory audit your accountant will, with a fresh pair or eyes, look at your organisation in a different way and that is where possibly some value addition can be found. Risk based auditing has been the mainstream approach for statutory auditing around the world. The audit approach and what benefits there are for your organisation should be key points other than prices that make up your auditing statutory accounts questions.

Provide bookkeeping and other administrative services

Some accountants may provide bookkeeping, payroll and related administrative services. A whole new phenomenon in the world of accounts is the virtual, remote or cloud based accountants practice. Central in this type of accountancy practice is the use of technology to drive more effective and efficient client services. Technology used by online accounting software companies makes it also much easier for your accountant to support your organisation (large or small). The same technology reduces the need for endless re-entering of the same data. In fact it will allow non-accountants to maintain accounts. Why cloud based accounting makes commercial sense.

Business advise and consultancy services

Accountants can help you analyse investment proposals, audit merger and acquisition targets and review purchase and business sales agreements among many other advisory services. Not every accountant may have this experience so do know what service you need and look for the accountants with the relevant expertise. Some accountant may have worked in business and they may have developed other expertise. Examples include providing interim or part-time finance roles or reviewing internal and transactional controls. Accountants with business advisory expertise and experience allows you to quickly find some of these experts.

Forensic investigations

Whereas the accountants in most countries have one set of qualifications and institutes managing their interests (the UK is a notable exception) there are numerous different formal qualifications to fraud, corruption and bribery issues. Many service providers in this area have very diverse qualifications from former police to accountants. Fraud investigations is not a major subject in any accountancy qualification anywhere in the world. How to prevent fraud,corruption and bribery is a topic much closer to what accountants receive training in. Experience and expertise are key for this area. Additional qualificationssuch as the Certified Fraud Examiner certification is something you are advise to look for when recruiting an accountant to investigate fraud.


Accountants in Kenya are regulated by law

Accountants in Kenya are regulated by the Accountants Act 2008. The main accountancy body for Accountants in Kenya is the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK).   ICPAK was established in 1978. Its a member of the PAN-African Federation of Accountants and the International Federations of Accountants (IFAC).


Why you should join Accountants in Kenya

Accountants in Kenya is the leading information source for and about Accountants in Kenya.


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