List of best Driving Schools in Kenya 2018

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1. AA Kenya
Probably Kenya’s oldest and best driving school in Kenya.
AA Offers all motor vehicle driving lessons.

They charge Ksh15,400 for 30 lessons – Full Course

2. Rocky Driving School
Rocky offers a variety of driving lessons like driving cars, buses, Lorries, and motorcycles, it is one of the most preferred driving school by learners in Kenya.

 They charge Ksh 9,400 for 20 lessons – Full Course

 3. Heltz Driving School
With dedicated instructors, Heltz Driving School has over 36 years successfully trained thousands of students to be some of the best drivers countrywide.

They charge Ksh 9,500 for 20 lessons – Full Course

4. Petanns Driving School
Petanns driving school has established itself as one of the most reputable driving school in Kenya.


They charge Ksh13,000 for 30 lessons – Full Course

5. Seniors Driving School
Offers all types of motor vehicle driving lessons.

6. Glory Driving School
Located along Murang’a Rd, Glory driving school too offers all major motor vehicle driving lessons.

They charge Ksh12,000 for 15 lessons – Full Course

7. Sony Driving School
Sony Driving School is located in Mageso Chambers. They haven’t quite spread but are accredited and competent.

8. Top Gear Driving School
Top gear is another highly accredited driving school which offers driving lessons for all motor vehicles.

9. Wings Driving School
Wings driving school has been producing the most competent drivers in the country over time.

10.Imperial Driving School
Imperial driving school is one of the best driving schools in Kenya. They are expanding on satellite campuses countrywide

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