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List: Cheapest and most expensive banks in Kenya 2018

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 Cheapest and most expensive banks in Kenya

1Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd      9,940      8,370
2CFC Stanbic Bank Limited    14,040    15,480
3Commercial Bank of Africa    15,180    15,180
4Co-operative Bank of Kenya      8,680      9,880
5Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Ltd    12,780      7,980
6Equity Bank Limited      6,430      6,598
7I & M Bank    13,680    17,280
8Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd    11,480    10,830
9National Bank of Kenya Ltd    14,210    12,180
10National Industrial Credit Bank Ltd    13,830    11,810
11Standard Chartered Bank Ltd    16,860    16,860
     12,465    12,041

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