Life slowly returns to Nairobi Kenya streets

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Nairobi’s streets were livelier on Thursday as more businesses opened after fears of unrest over the election subsided considerably.

People flocked the city’s Huduma Centre seeking government services, in contrast to Wednesday when the centre was nearly deserted in spite of being open all day.

The jitters following the election on Tuesday had nearly stopped economic activity in Nairobi as cautious residents stayed indoors waiting for the poll outcome.

The IEBC on Thursday directed its officers to file all remaining forms 34B from around the country by noon Friday, raising the prospects that the announcement of the final results of the presidential poll could be done Friday or Saturday.

Financial markets on Thursday showed signs of renewed activity as life returned to the streets of Nairobi, two days after the General Election.

Turnover at the Nairobi bourse rose by a quarter from Wednesday’s Sh166 million and the shilling remained stable against the dollar having been quoted at an average of 103.95 (103.90/104), same as Wednesday’s rate.

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