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Legalization of Marijuana

For years, there has been the argument on whether the government should legalize marijuana or not. This resulted from the increase in cases of marijuana use in the country. It is evident that most of the youths use marijuana and this has raised government concern on whether to legalize it or not. Currently, there is public support for marijuana law reform as approximately half of the country is in favor of accepting marijuana use (Ferguson, 239). There are campaigns that are conducted countrywide with the intention of seeking assistance from citizens in the attempt to legalize marijuana. The government considers marijuana as an illegal drug, and this has made it hard to legalize it even after half of the country want it to be legalized. Drug Policy Alliance is working on the campaigns on the legalization of marijuana, and the campaign has already started in New York and New Jersey. The only thing that is remaining is the law that will officially legalize the use of marijuana in the country.

According to New Solutions Marijuana Reform Campaign, the government should legalize, tax and regulate marijuana just like alcohol in the country. The government should accept the use of marijuana in the country to adults only (Galston, 4). Those individuals who are below the legal age of use should not be allowed to use marijuana. The campaigns in the country support the legalization of marijuana due to many reasons which include job creation, saving money, promotion of consumer safety, and harm reduction.

There is the argument that the moment the government legalizes marijuana in the country, there will be the reduction in harms related to its use. This is because criminalization of marijuana use has caused harms to the young generation as it clear that the more youths uses marijuana compared to other population. Regarding corruption, marijuana legalization will reduce corruption related to the selling of marijuana (Ferguson, 239). Most of the marijuana sellers usually seek protection from the government where they bribe police commanders and government officials with the intention to offer them protection from arrest. Once the government legalizes it, there will be no need to pay the government officials for protection, and this will have a positive impact on the reduction of corruption cases. Also, legalization of marijuana will lead to a reduction of massive levels of violence. Violence will reduce as everyone will be free to sell or buy marijuana unlike when it is illegal where marijuana cartels will attack and kill anyone who tries to enter their business.

Concerning job creation, legalization and regulation of marijuana in the country will bring nation's largest cash crops under the rule of law. This will result from the farming of marijuana where youths will get jobs as farmers and workers in companies that will prepare marijuana for sale. Job creation from legalizing marijuana will lead to economic development in the formal economy instead of the illegal market (Galston, 9). Companies that will engage in preparation and distribution of marijuana will pay tax to the government, and this will help in increasing the country GDP which is good for the future of the country.

Legalization of marijuana will help the citizens in saving money (Ferguson, 239). This will result from the public safety where the government will set the standard selling price of marijuana. Reduction in correction and court costs will also help in saving money as citizens are not going to be sued by the court of law when found using marijuana. The state and local government will benefit significantly from the tax revenues that will be collected from regulating marijuana sales.

Regarding promotion of consumers’ safety, legalization of marijuana will make it compulsory for the government to set rules and regulations that will control the production and distribution. Before marijuana is released in the market, the government will have to ensure that is has undergone product testing. Product testing will ensure that marijuana that is released in the market are of the required standard for human use (Galston, 13). Consumers will also get the chance to be informed about the marijuana they use, and this will help in making the right choice whether to use it or not. Consumers' safety is vital as the government is expected to care for all the citizens.

In conclusion, the government should legalize marijuana in the country as a way to protect its citizens. It is evident that when the government legalizes the use of marijuana in the nation, there will be economic development and the citizens are going to more safe. Economic development will result from the new sources of tax revenue from regulating marijuana sales. Every individual or company that engages in the production and distribution of marijuana will pay tax to the local and state government. When it comes to citizens' safety, legalization of marijuana will reduce harms that result from imprisonment and massive violence from marijuana cartels. Instead of the government imprisoning youths who uses marijuana, it should give them the chance to work in marijuana farms and companies. Once the marijuana is legalized, there will be no cartels in the market because it will be a free market and this will reduce massive violence associated with marijuana cases.


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