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Teachers (Primary/Secondary) designation code is G0

Education Officers  designation code G02

Adult Education  designation code  G03

Education Officers designation code G023

Adult Education designation code G03

Lecturers designation code G04

Instructors designation code G05

Training Officers designation code G06

Lecturers- KMTC designation code G07



The Teachers Service Commission in Kenya (TSC) provides online services for teachers including job adverts, wealth declaration forms, teacher registrations, pension services, National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and application of payslips online. If you are a teacher and you need a payslip copy for whatever reason, you can get it from your phone. The offices of the Teachers Service Commission are located in Upperhill, Nairobi on Kilimanjaro Avenue.

For you to acquire a copy of your online payslip, visit the TSC website www.tsc.go.ke and select online services. To make this easy you can directly access the payslip portal by clicking here
To get a copy of your online teacher payslip in Kenya you need to register first if you have not yet registered for the service. The online portal requires you to be honest and give the following details

  1. Your active TSC number in Kenya,
  2. Your Full name
  3. Your ID number
  4. Your Date of Birth
  5. Your Tax PIN number (KRA), 
  6. Designation code and Pay station code (you can get this by visiting www.kra.go.ke or calling their Customer care)
  7. Your Bank account number
  8. Your mobile number
  9. Your personal email address. 

You will then be required to create a new strong password for later entries into the system

All the sections of the TSC online registration form in Kenya are a must and as an applicant, you must provide honest details.
Failure to provide honest details can lead to you being deregistered on the account for fraudulent and wrongful information.
Once you get confirmation of the activation of the account. You can click here to log in and access your payslip.


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