Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Admits Uhuru Won Fair and Square Kenya Election 2017

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Lawyer  Donald Kipkorir

Flamboyant lawyer Donald Kipkorir has made quite a name for himself, specifically for consistently backing the wrong horse.

A few weeks ago, he revealed that he backed Uhuru Kenyatta in 2002 in an election that was eventually won by Mwai Kibaki. It was also said that he supported Raila Odinga in either the 2007, 2013 or both.

Last year, Donald was probably Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporter in Kenya, even changing his own Facebook cover and profile pictures to that of the US Democratic candidate. Obviously Hillary is not the US president.

Then a few weeks ago, Donald came out publicly to announce that he would be voting and offering support to Nasa candidate Raila Odinga. He even went on to meet Raila at a Karen restaurant.

Some people were keen to wonder whether a Raila win would break his streak, but from the results streaming currently, it looks like Donald will have to wait.

On voting day, the lawyer took a chopper ride all the way to Cheptongei to vote for Raila. But on Wednesday he came out and congratulated Uhuru on his win, also urging him to fulfill his promises.

Read that statement below.


Open Letter To H.E Uhuru Kenyatta

Congratulations on your re-election as our President. Truth be told, over 7million voted for your re-election, whilst over 6million voted for Raila Odinga. I was amongst the 6million. It looks likely our candidate lost fairly. IEBC conducted credible elections. But also, IEBC needs to complete the electoral process as provided in and by law.

When I decided to vote for Raila, it is not because you and me stopped being friends, but because I truly believed Raila’s vision of Canaan maybe a better alternative. Some friends tell me they have not been employed or promoted because of their tribe. I meet many people everyday who tell me that they have been left out.

I voted for Raila because Canaan promises equity and equality for all. In Canaan, the rain will fall on all, and the sun shine on everyone. In Canaan, I looked forward to Martin Luther’s dream that we we will all be judged by the content of our character and not our accidental birth as Kalenjin, Kikuyu, Kamba, Luhya, Miji Kenda, Somali or Luo. In Canaan, one river, River Jordan, serves us all with water of life, justice (restorative & restitutive) and redemption. John the Baptist led his Ministry there. Jesus begun his Ministry there.

But as you are the winner, remember your campaign promises. Those who voted for you and those who voted for Raila have same aspirations. We all belong to one Kenya. Let everyone stay inside the tent. As the great Socrates said, magnanimity is the greatness of soul, mind and heart.

Be magnanimous in victory. Don’t let Nyanza, Coast and Eastern feel locked out. Don’t let them feel besieged. Let all access justice in our Courts. Let no one be delegitimized. You are our President.


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