Latest M-PESA Tips you need to know while using Mpesa in Kenya 2017

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Safaricom investigates all reported cases of fraud or attempted fraud on the network; and our dedicated Fraud team works together with the relevant authorities to seek legal address where appropriate.

Fraudsters are known to use tactics that take advantage of customers; they require you to provide information or do something yourself. To avoid being party to any frauds or scams on M-PESA, please take note of the following:

  • How to Check M-PESA balance

When you perform an M-PESA transaction, you will receive a text message that confirms your transaction and tells you your new balance. You can also check your M-PESA balance by going to “My account” on the M-PESA phone menu.

  • What are M-PESA SMS confirmation messages

When you perform an M-PESA transaction, a text message is sent to your account. The message proves that the M-PESA money you sent has moved from your account into the other person’s account. To avoid errors, always check your M-PESA balance before and after you transact.

  • What is M-PESA PIN

Your M-PESA PIN is used to protect the money in your M-PESA account. You have to key in your PIN before you can perform any M-PESA transactions, so choose a PIN that you can easily remember. Use a PIN that is not easy for other people to guess, and do not share your PIN with anyone, not even Safaricom staff. You can change your PIN at any time by going to ‘My account’ on the M-PESA phone menu.

  • How to Change Start Key to M-PESA PIN

You need to change the Start Key to an M-PESA PIN number you can remember:

Go to your M-PESA phone menu under ‘My account’

  • Select ‘Change PIN’
  • Enter your ‘old MPESA PIN’ (as the Start Key)
  • Enter your ‘new M-PESA PIN’ and confirm.

You will receive an SMS message confirming that your M-PESA PIN has been changed. 

If you receive an SMS or a call from someone claiming they have sent you money by mistake, please do not send it back before you check your current M-PESA balance.

  • M-PESA fraud-confirmation of mobile numbers

When sending money via M-PESA, make sure you double check the phone number you are sending money to. As part of the transaction, you will be asked to confirm the transaction details. Ensure the mobile number digits you have entered are correct. It may help to write the number down before you perform your transaction.

  • M-PESA Secret Word

Once you activate your M-PESA account, you receive a text containing your M-PESA secret word. When you call Customer Care or visit a Safaricom Retail Centre, you may be asked your Secret Word as a way of proving that the line is yours. You can change your Secret Word at any time, and there’s no charge. Use the ‘My account’ menu to change your Secret Word to something you can easily remember.

  • M-PESA Pay Bill Service - *234#

You can now pay your bills via M-PESA. Simply select ‘Pay Bill’ on your M-PESA menu and follow the instructions to complete the transaction. For details on M-PESA Pay Bill partners and their respective business numbers, please log onto or dial *234# from your Safaricom line.

You can use your M-PESA menu to buy airtime for your phone, or for someone else. The minimum airtime purchase is KSHs.5, and there is no additional charge for the service. You will only pay for the airtime bought.

  • M-PESA airtime purchase

When you buy M-PESA airtime instead of sending money, the transaction can’t be reversed. This is because they are two different units in financial book keeping.

  • M-PESA Reversal

To avoid M-PESA fraud, safaricom have introduced a new  SIM card which allows you to save the phone numbers that you frequently use for your M-PESA transactions. You can save the numbers on your SIM card as SIM contacts. This will enable you pick the mobile numbers directly on the M-PESA menu while carrying out M-PESA transactions. It reduces cases of sending money to the wrong number.

The new Safaricom SIM card is available in Safaricom Retail Shops, Dealer outlets and M-PESA agent outlets countrywide.

It costs KSHs.50 for a SIM replacement and KSHs.100 for a new Safaricom line. 

  • How to Change your M-PESA PIN

For security reasons, you can change your PIN at any time at a fee of KSHs.22

From the M-PESA menu select "My Account".

  • Select "Change PIN".
  • Enter old PIN press OK.
  • Enter new PIN and confirm it.
  • Wait for the confirmation.
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