Kuppet Updates - Union tells commission to stop harassing teachers

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The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) is now accusing the teachers’ employer of deliberately frustrating them.

 Kuppet Kakamega branch has lodged an attack on the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) commission’s Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia and her capability to run teachers affairs.

Led by the branch chairman, Johnston Wabuti, the union wants the CEO to show course why she should be at the helm of the commission or if unable she resigns.

This is in the awake of the recent circular sent out on April 17 were the commission instructed all teachers pursuing further education on weekends and school holidays to stop.

TSC said it was discouraging teachers from studying during holidays due to interference with teaching in schools.
The commission said it had a study leave policy that teachers could apply for when they needed to further their studies.

The teachers union is questioning some of the policies that are been enacted by the commission saying they contradict each other.

TSC under the new education policy had said primary and secondary schools heads must have bachelor’s and master’s degrees respectively.

 Kuppet questions how that can be achieved without the teachers going back to study. “We are wondering how going back to college during holidays when my students are away will affect my delivery as a teacher,” said Wabuti.

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The commission among many policies has banned students from attending tuition during school holiday and teachers have been utilizing the opportunity to go back and advance their education.

“TSC has banned anything that can be done by a teacher including even doing business around,” said Wabuti.
 The union now terms the CEO decisions as being petty and not important to the sector.

“She can’t be waking up daily and making personal decision that will definitely affect the whole sector without involving other players,” said Wabuti.

The branch leadership now is calling for resignation of the TSC Macharia if she cannot incorporate all the stakeholders in decision making.

Speaking in Mumias on Friday Wabuti said the union will defy the circular until there is enough consultation and a common grounds reached.

“We are against the circular and through the national office and officials we will launch a complaint with TSC,” said Wabuti.

Wabuti called for a complete overhaul of the commission saying it has been mismanaging teachers’ affairs thus causing confusion in the education sector.

“If it’s possible the law should be changed so that matters concerning teachers can be taken back to the Ministry of Education” he said.

The union is calling for the commission to focus on important issues affecting the education sector including lack of sufficient teachers in schools and poor pay.

“With a shortage of teaching staff across the country, how will teachers go for study leave and leave the learners,” said Mr Wabuti.

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