KUCCPS Cluster Point Calculator - How to calculate cluster points for university intake in Kenya 2021 2022 - pdf download

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KUCCPS Cluster Point Calculator

KUCCPS held a collaborative meeting in January this year to analyze and decide on 2021/2022 student placement in public universities.

The formula for calculating KUCCPS cluster points is now more simplified than before making it adaptable for most parts.

Government sponsored students can now determine their cluster points and qualification for various programs offered in different parts of the country with ease.

The board carefully considered the number of available slots in Kenyan universities about the results recorded for KCSE in the past year.

In essence, all the students who scored a minimum of 46 points equivalent to C+ are now eligible to enroll for university studies in public universities under government sponsorship.

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KUCCPS online portal now contains an array of resources for students to calculate cluster points for jab admission.

These materials are particularly helpful in helping potential candidates to make informed career choices and further their career aspirations.

Further, the calculation is essential for students who scored a minimum of 32 points in 2018 KCSE national examination.

As self-sponsored students, this category is equally eligible for places in private and public universities.

Similarly, those students who attained 18 points and above will join tertiary institutions for craft certificate courses.

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kuccps cluster points 2017 pdf download

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How to Calculate Cluster Points KUCCPS


The above formula is handy when calculating weight cluster points, below are some of the main critical denotations represented

Symbol Meaning

w Weighted Cluster Point

c Raw Cluster Point

a Aggregate Cluster Point

m Maximum performance index per cluster for all students and subjects

r Raw cluster performance index per cluster for all subjects enrolled

api Aggregate performance index

spi Maximum performance index

Cluster points directly affect students eligibility for a particular course enrolled.

Different tertiary institution including Dedan Kimathi University, Nairobi University, Kenyatta University, and Jomo Kenyatta University all use different cluster even for similar classes.

These dynamics collectively necessitate the need for students to determine their cluster points before settling on a particular course of study.

Four subjects to be considered to calculate raw cluster points. 

KUCCPS has revised the weighted cluster points formula. 

The board uses weighted cluster points to determine the cut off points for individual courses.

The procedure for choosing a course has been indicated clearly by all universities and the placement body KUCCPS. 

For one to qualify for a certain course there are a number of points you have to achieve in the four (4) subjects that are considered the most relevant for the course.

e.g. The College of Health Sciences in JKUAT considers Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Physics and English/ Kiswahili as their core cluster subjects. 

Here is how to calculate the weighted cluster points to check whether you qualify for admission to take a particular course at a Kenyan University.

How the Weighted Cluster Points are arrived at:

KUCCPS provides a list of cluster subjects for each university course usually during course revision.

To get the weighted cluster points, you need to determine:

- The Raw Cluster Points
- Basic Aggregate point

The Raw Cluster Points is the maximum points for any cluster (four subjects). There are 48 points – assuming a student scored grade ‘A’ in all the four subjects (12x4). 

The total points of the four cluster subjects are calculated based on a students result slip.

This total is also called the Raw Cluster Points.

Basic Aggregate Point 

The Basic aggregate point is the aggregate value of the student’s grade. 

For example, a student could have an A- (minus) of aggregate points between of 74 and 80 points. 

This is usually indicated on the results slip.

Below are some of the factors that influence the grading system regarding clusters

1. Cluster Subjects for A Student

Group Subjects Selection Recommended

Group I Mathematics Compulsory 3



Group II Physics At least two 2



Group III Geography At least one 1


History & Govt

Hindu Rel. Ed

Group IV Aviation

Comp Studies


Metal Work


Art and design

Power mechanics

Building and construction

Group V German



Business studies


2. Grade Points

Every academic course offered in higher learning require a minimum of four primary subjects. For this reason, cluster point calculation encompasses these subjects irrespective of its group. Below is a breakdown of KCSE grading points.

Grade Points

A 12

A- 11

B+ 10

B 9

B- 8

C+ 7

C 6

C- 5

D+ 4

D 3

D- 2

E 1

3. Raw cluster points

Raw cluster points are calculated using four grading subjects concerning the course requirements

Subject Grade Grading points

Mathematics A- 11

Physics B- 8

Chemistry B 9

Business studies A- 11

39 -raw cluster points


After directing the public on how to calculate cluster points for 2019 universities admissions, KUCCPS is now in the limelight of receiving student placement results.

Many students are reportedly experiencing difficult times in comprehending how to calculate KCSE cluster points.

The ambivalence affects the placement process with many students likely to land on unpredictable courses.

The ongoing second revision grants applicants who did not participate in the first revision.

The exercise mainly features students who qualified for the government-sponsored program by attaining at least a C+ in their aggregate mean grade in 2018 KCSE national examination.

It is now easier to calculate cluster points for 2019 intake using JAB compliant formulas.

The process has continually been simplified to help applicant focus on proper career choice as opposed to hard metrics.

You should also note that all cluster point values are edited annually by KUCCPS.

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Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Services are now expected to kick off the process of selecting university applicants about their preferred courses and institutions.

Students are advised to visit their KUCCPS accounts to apply or make a necessary update for their course choices before the lapse of the process later this week on 14th.

After that, students will also have an opportunity of viewing shortlisted results.

In so doing, students will learn which university has accepted them for various courses applied.

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