KUCCPS 2019 First Revision of Degree and Diploma Choices for the 2018/2019 Placement

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kuccps first revision 2018/2019

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kuccps first revision for 2017 candidates

kuccps revision of courses 2018/2019

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kuccps revision of courses 2017/2018

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KUCCPS 2018 first Revision of Courses: Degree, Diploma, Certificate programmes

KUCCPS wishes to inform KCSE 2017 candidates who attained a minimum aggregate grade of C of 46 points, a C – of 32 points and  D of 18 points that first revision of courses will  start on February 14, 2018.   Below are more details on first revision on the students website portal that you should use.

KUCCPS UPDATE: All 2017 KCSE candidates that a C and above shall be eligible for placement to either public or private universities to pursue degree courses under Government sponsorship (formally known as JAB)

KUCCPS first Revision for Degree programme/Courses in 2018

  • KCSE 2017 Candidates who attained C of 46 points will be in a position to apply for degree courses of their choice so long as they meet the cluster points of the course.

KUCCPS first Revision for Diploma Courses in 2018

  • 2017 KCSE candidates who scored a minimum mean grade of C – of 32 points shall be eligible for placement to pursue diploma courses offered in tertiary institutions.

KUCCPS first Revision for Certificate Courses in 2018

  • Students who scored a mean grade of D of 18 points and above shall be eligible for placement to craft certificate courses offered in tertiary institutions.

Dates of 2018 KUCCPS first Revision

The KUCCPS placement portal will open its online application system for first revision on on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 to  February 14, 2018

 First revision is also open for those who did not fill their courses in their respective secondary schools.

 If you did your  KCSE earlier than 2017, you will only be only eligible for placement to Diploma and Certificate courses.

Kuccps Official Contacts and Website

  • The official KUCCPS website portal  for revision of courses is: http://students-new.kuccps.net/
  • Official KUCCPS website: http://kuccps.net/
  • KUCCPS official contacts: 0723954927, 0734879662
  • KUCCPS office location: ACK Gardens, 1st Ngong’ Avenue, Upperhill Nairobi
  • KUCCPS email: info@kuccps.ac.ke
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