Kra Duty Calculator Kenya

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Kra Duty Calculator Kenya 

How the import duty calculation for cars is performed.

Each car has a value based on the Current Retail Selling Price (CRSP) table issued by the KRA. The KRA then apply a specific formula to determine the customs value (which is then depreciated for each year of the car’s age). This customs value is then used to calculate the import duty, excise duty and VAT

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Get the Right Figure. Home /; Individual /; Calculate Tax /; Get the Right Figure /; Motor 
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VAT Calculator. How much VAT are you paying on your sales or purchases? · PAYE. Find out how much is your net pay is after income taxes. · Motor Cycle Import Duty.
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How is car duty calculated in Kenya?  Import Duty is 25% of the CRSP. Excise Duty is 20% of the CRSP Import Duty. 16% of the CRSP Import Duty Excise Duty 

How is duty calculated Kenya?
How do you calculate customs duty?
How duties are calculated?
How do I calculate VAT withholding?

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Duty Cost · Import duty: 25% of the Customs value (CIF) of the vehicle i.e. 25% of (Invoice value Insurance Freight charges) · Excise duty: 20% of (Customs 
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12 Sep 2021 — Kenya Customs Duty Calculator | Calculate KRA customs taxes for importing goods into Kenya from China, Dubai, UK and USA.

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Dutycalc Kenya offers a robust, accurate and easy to use customs clearance cost calculator for vehicles and general cargo. Contact us for your import/export 

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23 May 2021 — KRA basically calculates the Customs Value by depreciating the CRSP price of the imported vehicle by 10% every year from the year of manufacture 

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Want visibility on duties and taxes when shipping from United States to Kenya? Check out our free calculator to get an instant estimate.

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23 Jun 2021 — This customs value is then used to calculate the import duty, excise duty and VAT. Court Stops KRA's 2020 CRSP. On July 7th 2020, the KRA 

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Which documents do you need to clear and register an imported car at the port of Mombasa?

  1. Original national ID/passport
  2. Pre Inspection Certificate issued by JEMVIC in Japan
  3. KRA PIN
  4. Vehicle’s foreign logbook to confirm ownership
  5. Original Bill of Lading and the car registration documents from its previous home country
  6. Port release order, evidence of insurance cover, import declaration form, Clean Report of Findings (CRF), and import duty receipt
  7. Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) for commercial purpose vehicles.
  8. Check the list of Japanese second hand cars allowed for importation into Kenya from KRA’s website.
  9. Each car’s original value and estimated current value and other details that’ll help you with calculating duty fees are to be found there. You can use a free online import duty calculator to help you out
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