KNUT News- KNUT members storm union towers demand removal of Sossion

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A group of teachers' union members on Saturday stormed the Nairobi headquarters demanding embattled secretary general Wilson Sossion leaves office.

The group, who are members of the union's National Executive Council, said they are ready to swear in Mr Hesbon Otieno as the secretary general.

The members maintained that the current secretary general, who was nominated to Parliament by ODM, should relinquish his post and focus on politics.

"We are here to officially take office," said Mr Otieno, who claims he was elected to head the Kenya Union of Teachers (Knut).

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The group said teachers' issues cannot be mixed with politics, therefore, Mr Otieno should take over and serve teachers without divided attention.

They arrived at the Knut headquarters at 10am and forced the guard to open the boardroom so that they can swearing-in Mr Otieno.

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