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Dates of KCSE 2019 exams

  • KCSE 2019 exams rehearsal day: FRIDAY 02/11/2019
  • KCSE 2019 start date: Monday 05/11/2019 (Mathematics and Chemistry)
  • KCSE 2019 end date: WEDNESDAY 28/11/2019

Release Of Examinations Results

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) wishes to bring the following information to the attention of all institutions presenting candidates for the KNEC examinations:

Examination Results Slips and Printouts
Each of the institutions that enter candidates for the KNEC examinations shall receive a hard copy of the institution’s examination results printout and result slips which captures the following information:
1. Institution’s Code and Name
This appears on the top left side of the printout.  The institution’s code is a unique number by which an examination centre is identified by the Council.  This is the number that an institution should always quote whenever communicating with KNEC.
2. Candidates Details
Below the institution’s name and code are details of the candidates.  These details include the index number of the candidate, year of examination, gender, individual subject grades and the mean grade.
The important features of the examination results are as indicated below:-

  • X - denotes an absent candidate. A candidate is declared absent if he/she did not sit for one or all papers in the examination. However, for the KCPE examination results, the symbol AB indicates an absence;
  • Y- denotes that the candidate was involved in an examination irregularity. For the KCPE examination results, the symbol 00indicates an irregularity;
  • P- denotes that the candidate’s examination results have been pended due to infringement on the entry requirements for the examination e.g. incorrect KCPE details for entry in KCSE examination;
  • W- denotes that the candidate’s examination results have been withheld on suspicion that the candidate has been involved in an examination malpractice and investigations are ongoing;
  • U- denotes ungraded examination results due to infringement of the awards criteria.


The dates of when this years examination will commence and end have been provided above. You can use the website URL provided below to access the timetable

  • Get KCSE 2019 timetable: Download Now

Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) Contacts

  • Email:
  • Tel Mobile: 0720741001/0732333860
  • Office Location: NHC Building, Town/CBD Office, Nairobi

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