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THE KENYA NATIONAL EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL THE 2017 KCPE EXAMINATION TIMETABLE & INSTRUCTIONS KNEC/TD/SE/KCPE/TT/17/006 1.0 TIMINGS OF PAPERS IN THE 2017 KCPE EXAMINATION AND INSTRUCTIONS TO SUPERVISORS, INVIGILATORS & CANDIDATES The time allowed for each paper is the one indicated against the name of the paper and it is inclusive of reading the instructions. Visually challenged candidates will NOT be given extra time other than what is stated on their respective papers which is 30 minutes more than for the other candidates. 


Download the latest examination timetables: [KCPE 2017 Timetable] [KCSE 2017 timetable] [PTE timetable] [TCAE timetable] [DTE 2017 timetable] [SNE 2017 timetable] [ECDE 2017 timetable]

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