KMTC March 2018 Intake : Certificate Courses in Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC)

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Official KMTC Website and Contacts

In case you need any assistance with the online application process please call any of the following numbers 0736993813, 0736212060, 0723000429, 0723004569, 0723004516. You can also get help on the online application process from the nearest KMTC campus.

KMTC Website:

 Kenya Medical Training College KMTC Certificate Courses and Programs List.

Certificate in Open and Distance Learning(Open and Distance Learning)  

Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology(Medical Laboratory Technology)  

Certificate in Community Nutrition(Community Nutrition)  

Certificate in Community Health Assistant(Community Health Assistant)  

Certificate in Environmental Health(Environmental Health)  

Certificate in Environmental Health and Sanitation(Environmental Health)  

Certificate in Healthcare Management(Healthcare Management)  

Certificate in Health Records and Information Technology(Health Records)  

Certificate in Pharmacy(Pharmacy)  

Certificate in Community Health(Community Health)  

Certificate in Medical Engineering(Medical Engineering)  

Certificate in Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing(Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing)  

Certificate in Community Health Nursing(Community Health Nursing)  

Certificate in Health and Applied Sciences(Health and Applied Sciences)  

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