KMTC Current Fees Structure

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KMTC Fees Structure

There are three fee categories namely:

  • Regular
  • Parallel/In-service
  • Foreign (as detailed in the Current fees structure)

Fees structure is subject to changes from time to time

Students are advised to pay fees on annual basis to avoid interruption of training

Upon dismissal, fees are not refundable.

NB: Students are advised to make financial arrangements to cover expenses related to Practical attachment; Research etc. details are available from respective faculties upon reporting

All stationary is the responsibility of the student.
Students are encouraged to buy their own textbooks, and specific course book lists are usually provided as an admission package to assist in purchasing books.

Medical Equipment
All special medical equipment in each course i.e. Stethoscopes etc are the responsibility of the student

A number of organizations are working with KMTC to help needy students pursue their goal of training in health. Most of these organizations, however, do not cover the entire fee requirements. Allocation of bursary is normally done through a bursary committee. The sponsor’s organizations include:
  • FunzoKenya
  • Rattansi Educational Trust – This gives partial sponsorship on annual basis.
  • Toyota Foundation – This gives full sponsorship on annual basis. It is based on merit i.e. one has to do a test. It gives sponsorship to needy students in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu MTCs only.
  • Ismail Rahimtulla Trust – This organization gives partial sponsorship on annual basis.
  • Constituency Development Fund (CDF) – This body gives sponsorship on individual students’ basis. The students liaise with the body and make arrangements on the sponsorship
  • Ministry of Health (MoH) – This body gives sponsorship on individual students’ basis. The students liaise with the body and make arrangements on the sponsorship
International/Foreign Students


KMTC trains over 80 percent of Health workers in Kenya. The College admits international students especially from East and Central Africa.

Currently we have students from Somalia; Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana and Namibia, while many more are making enquiries for future enrollment.

The qualifications to the courses are the same for all courses. However, the international students are required to seek translation of their qualifications on the minimum entry requirements from the Kenya National Examination Council to facilitate acceptance to the desired course before presenting their applications.

Kenya Medical Training College Bank details

Beneficiary Bank: NATIONAL BANK

Bank Address:

Swift Code:
Beneficiary Name: DIRECTOR KMTC
Beneficiary Account: 0100358521700
Beneficiary Account: 011 200 652098 00 (KSH A/C) IF MONEY IS SENT IN OTHER CURRENCY

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