KMTC Courses: Certificates, Diplomas and New Courses

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KMTC Courses are gaining important significance in East Africa and beyond. The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) is the largest medical training institution in East and Central Africa and even beyond- drawing students from Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Sudan and Nigeria. Just a quick knowledge tip, KMTC started in 1927 with only four students. Currently, the institution is graduating about 7500 competent health professionals every year into the health sector with a team of more than 2000 highly qualified and experienced teaching and administrative staff.

KMTC courses provide those interested in pursuing a medical career to gain specialized skills that are consistent with the global healthcare systems. Those who undergo KMTC Courses training gain a competitive edge with the practicality involved in them. In fact, over 80% of Kenya’s health care workers have undergone training through the Kenya Medical Training Institute (KMTC).

KMTC courses are categorized into various departments by the institutions. This is dependent on the medical fields that students wish to pursue. Some of the commonest fields are:

  • environmental sciences
  • nursing
  • pharmacy
  • orthopedic
  • medical laboratory sciences
  • medical imaging sciences
  • medical engineering
  • dental technology
  • clinical sciences
  • optometry
  • occupational therapy
  • medical education
  • nutrition
  • community oral health
  • health records and information


KMTC Courses: Certificate

This is the most basic level of the courses provided by the institution. The certificate courses are well laid out to ensure that even those wishing to kick start their medical career from the lowest level are not left put. Additionally, certificates are a greater way to add to your existing academic portfolio. It complements nicely other levels of studies such as diplomas, bachelors, masters and even PhD and adds more credibility to ones’ professionalism. Check the table below for courses:

1. Certificate in Orthopedic Plaster
2. Kenya Enrolled – Psychiatric Nursing Certificate
3. Kenya Enrolled Nursing Certificate
4. Certificate in Medical Engineering
5. Certificate in Health Records and Information Technology
6. Certificate in Nutrition

KMTC Courses: Diploma

Diploma courses come with various advantages.  For instance, it improves your employability by acquiring new skills and competencies to be able to effectively work within your target industry to a standard in which you can make a positive and beneficial contribution to the organization. KMTC Courses are well tailored to meet the required standards. They are tabulated below:

1. Basic Diploma in Environmental Health Sciences
2. Post Basic Diploma in Environmental Health Sciences
3. In Service Diploma in Environmental Health Sciences
4. Diploma in Pharmacy
5. Diploma in Orthopedic Technology
6. Pre Service Basic Diploma in Nursing
7. Diploma in Community Health Nursing
8. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Services
9. Diploma in Medical Imaging Services
10. In-service Basic Diploma – Nursing
11. In-service upgrading Enrolled Nursing/ Midwifery to KRCHN
12. In Service Diploma in Medical Engineering
13. Pre Service Diploma in Medical Engineering
14. Diploma in Dental Technology
15. Basic Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery
16. Post Basic Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery
17. Diploma in Occupational Therapy
18. Diploma in Optometry
19. Diploma in Health Records and Information Technology
20. Diploma in Nutrition

KMTC Courses Higher Diploma

There are various higher diploma courses that are offered by the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC). Higher Diploma Courses offered at the KMTC include the ones in the table below:

1. Higher Diploma in Epidemiology
2. Higher Diploma in Pharmacy
3. Kenya Registered Psychiatric Nursing (post-basic)
4. Kenya Registered Peri-operative Nursing (post-basic)
5. Kenya Registered Opthalmological Nursing (post-basic)
6. Kenya Registered Midwifery (post-basic)
7. Kenya Registered Critical Care Nursing (post-basic)
8. Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing (post-basic)
9. Higher Diploma in Medical Laboratory Services
10. Higher Diploma in Medical Imaging Services (Ultra Sound)
11. Higher Diploma in Medical Engineering
12. Higher Diploma in Medical Education
13. Diploma in Community Oral Health

New KMTC Courses

The Kenya Medical Training College has introduced new academic programs to help curb new health challenges faced by the country. These new KMTC courses cut across the medical divide including anesthesia, nephrology, community divide and more. Below is a curated table of the new KMTC courses that have been developed as the institution’s responsiveness to the needs of our country and the changing dynamic of global health care system.

1. Palliative Care Nursing Started to combat challenges arising from non- communicable diseases especially cancers, diabetes and hypertension.
2. Nephrology Aimed at supporting the national Government’s Managed Equipment Service (MES). MES is a Government-supported Initiative aimed at equipping hospitals countrywide with high- tech machines to help combat diseases such as cancer and diabetes.
3. Nurse Anesthesia Has been introduced to combat maternal and infant mortalities.
4. Health Systems Management Is now being offered as a higher diploma course. It seeks to equip health practitioners with leadership and management skills.
5. Enrolled Community Nursing A certificate course sponsored by the World Bank and Beyond Zero Trust to train nurses for the marginalized areas, especially North- Eastern, to improve maternal and child health. The course was previously being offered in three campuses but has been expanded to eight.
6. Orthopedic Trauma Medicine Has been started to deal with victims of increased number of motorcycle and vehicle accidents on Kenyan roads. It will help the nation mitigate challenges posed by these accidents.
7. Higher Diploma Course in Clinical Medicine (Mental Health and Psychiatry) Has been started at KMTC Mathare. It is aimed at helping the country bridge the huge gap that exists in mental health services.
8. Diploma in Health Education and Promotion Has been started at Nairobi campus. This course was previously offered at higher diploma level only. It now targets form four leavers and aims at equipping students with skills in prevention of diseases

Technology, management, leadership and outreach are emerging trends in many sectors of the global economy including. The institution has also come up with new courses to proactively help the Government fight against new and emerging health challenges while keeping up with these global trends. These include:

  • Health Systems Management (HSM)
  • Health Education
  • Health Promotion
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