Kirinyaga Primary school teacher accidentally burns her house while trying to kill a snake

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A teacher from Kibingoti village in Ndia Constituency, Kirinyaga County accidentally set her house on fire on Thursday while trying to kill a snake that had entered her house.

According to Elizabeth Muthoni Gacheru, a primary school teacher, a snake had entered the house while she was cleaning her laundry.

In an effort to get the snake out of the house, she threw a small piece of burning clothe into the bedroom and went out of the house.

“I decided to light fire so that the snake could run away but I was shocked to see the whole house on fire,” Gacheru said.

Unfortunately, the fire spread and grew big making it had to be extinguished. Firefighters from Kirinyaga County Government stepped in and helped to extinguish the fire.

She was left counting losses approximated to be worth Sh1 million. Clothes and electronics were among the things that were burnt down by the inferno.

The house was left in bad shape with area residents claiming that they will hold a fundraiser for the teacher who is also a widow.

“Nothing was salvaged from the  house, despite efforts by firefighters. What we have now is a weak house,” Nicholas Maina, a resident in the area, stated.Teacher sets house on fire while trying to kill snake

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