Kenyan Teachers Pension and Retirement Benefits and calculations 2018

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Cases that might prompt teacher retirement

  • Voluntary retirement: A teacher may apply to retire on attainment of 50 years and on completion of 10 years continuous service on Permanent and Pensionable terms. Such a teacher shall apply in writing through the head of institution giving three months’ notice, stating the intended date of retirement.
  • A teacher may apply to retire or be called upon to retire on medical grounds

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  • A teacher may be retired in the light of his/her usefulness to the teaching service or any public assignment and all other circumstances of the case, such retirement is desirable in the public interest.
  • A married female teacher who has served for a minimum of period of five (5) years on P&P terms can resign on account of marriage. One is entitled to a marriage gratuity paid at a rate of 1/12 of a month’s pensionable emoluments for each completed month of pensionable service subject to a maximum of one year pensionable emoluments.
  • An appointment of a teacher either serving on temporary or probationary terms may be terminated by either the Commission or the teacher, with either party giving one month’s notice in writing or paying one month’s basic salary in lieu of notice
  • A teacher who has been appointed to a Public Institution, Teachers Union, non-profit making educational institution or Parastatal
  • Compulsory retirement: This applies to teachers who have attained 60 years

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