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Who we are: The Kenya Women Teachers Association

The Kenya Women Teachers Association(KEWOTA) is a vibrant welfare society and community for female teachers in Kenya.

The association consists of female teachers employed by the TSC, privately employed female teachers, ECDE female teachers, SNE female teachers and other women in the education sector.

Our association, KEWOTA, is led by the three highest ranking female union leaders in Kenya, Ms Benta Opande as the CEO, Ms Jacinta Ndegwa as the treasurer and Ms Dorothy Muthoni as the chairperson.

The leaders are so passionate about women empowerment that some of them quit top national jobs, to advocate for female teachers and find ways to enhance better living standards for female teachers, especially those with families.

CLICK HERE for a detailed guideline on how you can become a member of the Kenya Women Teachers Association, KEWOTA.

What the association does for female teachers in Kenya

Kewota was founded not only to address issues but also to enhance better living standards for female teachers and their families. Kewota does this through:

  • Financial empowerment
  • Investment opportunities
  • Development projects
  • Career and workplace advocacy
  • Sponsorship
  • Training

To enhance service delivery, Kewota has established regional offices in counties across the whole country. Female teachers can visit these offices to join the organization, report any career-related issues or request any of the services offered by kewota.

Unlike education unions which focus on pressuring governments, KEWOTA mainly focuses on directly impacting the lives of female teachers socially, career-wise and financially.

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