Kenya Teachers Pay increase : Teachers win big in new job grading system

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Schemes of service for teachers in public service have been affected


The three schemes of service for teachers in public service have been collapsed into one, with clear salary scales for each grade and clear career progression paths.

The new Common Establishment Grades (CEG) scheme, backdated to November 8, 2017, was arrived at following job evaluations by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC).

The scheme establishes 68 pay grades for teachers in primary, secondary, middle-level colleges and special schools following recommendations by SRC.

The new structures are contained in a circular prepared by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). The circular was released on Monday.

Commission CEO Nancy Macharia said the new grading system replaces the three schemes of service for non-graduate, graduate and technical teachers/lecturers.

new job groups for teachers

kenyan teachers new salary scale pdf

tsc new salary scale for teachers 2017

tsc new salary structure for teachers

secondary school teachers salary in kenya

job group k salary and allowances

tsc house allowance clusters

tsc teachers promoted to job group m

“Now we have eight grades for primary school teachers, 10 grades for secondary school teachers, six for teachers at Centre for Mathematics, Science Technology Education in Africa (Cemastea) and eight for teachers in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions,” Ms Macharia said.

There are now seven grades for teachers in teacher training colleges (TTCs), eight for teachers in Kenya Institute of Special Education (KISE), five in Specials Needs Education (SNE) for primary schools, eight for SNE secondary schools and eight grades for teachers in SNE TVET institutions.

The circular No. 15/2018 details new policies and procedural changes by the commission aimed at professionalising the teaching service. It takes into account the job evaluation report done by SRC.

In addition, the recently introduced career progression guidelines provide all the basic requirements for professional growth, training and promotion of teachers.

Job evaluation for kenya teachers

Ms Macharia revealed that the job evaluation would lead to a paradigm shift in career progression.

“Teachers will not be required to sit for interviews to move to the next grade. Promotion of teachers and lecturers will be subjected to the existence of funded vacancies,” she said. Other considerations for promotion include minimum qualification per grade, relevant experience and, most importantly, satisfactory performance in and outside the classroom.

According to the circular, Primary Teacher II will be the lowest grade in the teaching profession.

“Teachers entering the public service at this grade will earn Sh19,224, rising to a maximum of Sh27,195,” Macharia said.

She added that Primary Teacher I will be a promotional grade for primary school teachers and to attain it, one must have served as Primary Teacher II for a minimum of three years.

One must also have successfully undertaken relevant Teacher Professional Development (TPD) modules. This cadre of teachers will earn a minimum of Sh25,929, rising to a maximum of Sh33,994. Senior Teacher II will also be a promotional grade and an entry into the administrative cadre.


 Primary Teacher I (PI salary )

“Promotion to this grade will be competitive and subject to availability of vacancies. One must have served as Primary Teacher I for a minimum of three years to be considered for this grade,” Macharia said.

Teachers in this group will pocket Sh27,325 at minimum and Sh34,955 at maximum.

Senior Teacher I is another promotional grade for primary school administrators. A teacher in this group will be in charge of other teachers in the absence of the head teacher and deputy.

Teachers in this category will earn a minimum of Sh39,532 and a maximum of 53,943 per month and must have served as Senior Teacher II for three years and undertaken relevant TPD modules.

“Deputy Head Teacher II, another promotional grade, will be answerable to the head teacher on development, implementation of curriculum, education policies and programmes.”

In the absence of the head teacher, the deputy will be in charge and will also have to go through TPD to earn a promotion.

tsc new salary structure for teachers

kenyan teachers new salary scale pdf

job group k salary and allowances

tsc new salary scale for teachers 2017

tsc teachers promoted to job group m

tsc job groups

teachers cba implementation matrix

tsc house allowance clusters

Deputy head salary in kenya

Deputy Head Teacher II will earn Sh26,610 at minimum and Sh52,308 maximum per month. Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher I will earn between Sh29,427 and Sh62,272 per month.

The senior head teacher will pocket Sh55,231 at minimum level, rising to a maximum of Sh85,269 per month.

Secondary School Teacher III will be the entry grade for secondary school teachers who have a diploma in education. They will earn between Sh25,929 and Sh33,994 per month.

The circular also shows that Secondary Teacher II is now the entry point for secondary school teachers who have a bachelor’s degree in education or its equivalent.

This grade is a promotional one for diploma holders and will earn a minimum of Sh32,988 and a maximum of Sh43,694 per month.

Secondary Teacher I will be a promotional grade and teachers in this cadre will take home a minimum of Sh37,721, rising to a maximum of Sh53,943 per month. 

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