Kenya Medical Training College Kmtc Makueni Campus Fee structure and Intake dates, Courses offered, location, official contacts

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A model institution in the training and development of competent health professionals

To produce competent health professional through training and research and provide consultancy services

Core Values

  • Accountability and integrity.
  • Responsiveness
  • Equity.
  • Teamwork.
  • Professionalism.
  • Creativity and innovation.

Historical Background

Makueni MTC is located at Wote town in Makueni County, 72km from Machakos City and 72 km away from Makindu town along the Nairobi Mombasa high way.

The campus is adjacent to Makueni County Referral Hospital which serves as the practical site for the students.

The Campus occupies the former DC’s Offices and the multipurpose farmers’ centre which were renovated to accommodate the college.

The campus started through the support of the Makueni County Government in March 2014.

This followed a feasibility study done in March 2009, by a team of senior officers from KMTC Nairobi – head quarter (HQ), who recommended renovation of the former DC’s offices and the multipurpose farmers’ centre.

Stakeholders of the County gave KMTC the above facilities temporarily, and proposed permanent structures to be put up in a 6.8 acre land allocated in the survey map.

The director – KMTC visited the proposed facility on June, 2012, to re-assess the earmarked facilities for suitability. A report of the assessment findings was presented to KMTC academic board in July 2012, and approvals with amendments were commended for the campus to start by September 2012.

Some of the recommendations the KMTC – Academic Board recommended included;

  1. Renovation of the former DC’s Offices and the multipurpose farmers’ centre to start the MTC campus.
  2. Mobilization of resources to put up a tuition block in the proposed allocated MTC land.
  3. Provision of structures to accommodate students.

The process of renovation works delayed due to the political climate at the time.

A follow up was made by another delegation send by Director KMTC in June, 2013, to brief the County Government of Makueni.
The Governor and County executives agreed to take action on the recommendations given earlier to ensure the MTC was ready to start by September 2013. Renovation works started by January, 2014.

KMTC Board of Management Chairman and other Board members, accompanied by the Governor and other County executives, visited the campus in February, 2014, to assess work progress and determine the commencement of the campus. Most of the renovation works was completed by March, 2014.

KMTC posted staff to start the new campus in February, 2014 and by end of March 2014, the college had two (2) academic staff and five (5) support staff. These were not adequate to start the college, and therefore, the County Government through the department of Health, seconded four senior Nursing Officers to compliment the KMTC staff. The county government also through the Referral Hospital Administration provided four (4) Security guards and out sourced cleaning services for the college for duration of six month. KMTC owes them all our sincere gratitude.

Upon completion of the renovation of the infrastructure, the county Government purchased some furniture (50) students chairs, and a few lecturer chairs and 50 beds and mattresses, a few library books, Skills lab equipment and five (5) computers, laptop and LCD.

By then the staff who had been posted to the campus, were meeting under the two beautiful trees in the compound to discuss and plan on their roles in the college upon the admission of the first batch of students. This marked a humble beginning and sacrifice by the staff to start the New college.

The professional Body for the program which was starting, the Nursing Council visited the campus in March 2014 and in April 2014, and approved the commencement of Training, of 50 Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing (KRCHN) basic students per year. The council also approved other health institutions within the Makueni County to be used for clinical practice. These included; Makindu Hospital and Tawa Sub-county Hospital.

The first group of KRCHN students was admitted on 29/4/2014 and the college was authorized to admit two classes in a year, each with 50 students later on.

This resulted to KMTC admit classes of fifty (50) Basic Diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing (KRCHN) every six months. This has made the campus population to increase tremendously within a short time.

Currently the college has admitted three (3) classes, expecting a fourth class in September 2015 and with student’s population of 147.

It is worth noting that, KMTC has two intake per year, namely September intake and March intake. Normally the September intake every year is a Regular class where the intake is based on each county population, poverty index and affirmative action. Every former district within a county is considered; however, many of the applicants generalize and omit their exact district. This has made many legible candidates within the county, miss admission chances, a mistake which should be corrected to increase the chances of Makueni County candidates to be admitted for regular Medical programs for September intakes. This intake is usually advertized in the daily press media in March every year and candidates are expected to post their application forms to the Director KMTC between March and May. The second intake is a self sponsored intake which is advertized between October and November, and applications are forwarded till January of every year. The March intake being a self sponsored class, candidates choose the campuses of their convenience, and it is based on first come first picked so long as one meets the minimum entry qualifications. It’s important to note that, in this intake a county can fill up all the fifty (50) vacancies from within itself. This is one area each county can capitalize on.


The college has seven (7) academic staff, three (3) of them being KMTC Employees and four (4) being county government employees. Two (2) of the county government employees are clinical instructors while the other two (2) are teaching staff.

The college also has eleven (11) non-academic staff all being KMTC employees.

How KMTC Correlates with the County Governement
The county government has been working in collaboration with KMTC and more with the Makueni MTC in various ways , just to mention a few;

KMTC Makueni has been allocated a 2.74 hectares piece of land for expansion to construct the campus by the county government.

The college has four lecturers seconded from the county government, two being clinical instructors and two being teaching staff.

The county government through His Excellence the Governor handed over two 10,000 litre water tanks donated by KCB Wote branch to alleviate water shortage in the campus.

MTC Makueni is currently occupying buildings allocated to them by the county government on temporary basis; however, health department pays for the rent.

Every intake the Makueni County is allocated training vacancies in Makueni MTC and other constituent colleges.
Lecturers from MTC Makueni have been training together in service health workers for the county. 

The college has collaborated with the following institutions/organizations who have supported in one way or the other in our training mandate;
The office of the Governor and particularly the Chief of Staff Mr D. Mbilo, and Mr Maingi.
The CEM – Health and all Directors of Health and County Chief Nurse.
The level five referral hospital and its management team
Security and Prisons departments through the officer’s in-charge
The department of Transport and Infrastructure
The department of Lands and urban planning
The department of public works and Housing
The department of Education and ICT

All the surrounding secondary schools and in particular; Makueni Boys High school, Kyumu secondary school, Makueni Girls secondary school, Muani secondary school and Wote technical college.

Vote of Thanks

We wish thank His excellence the Governor Makueni County, the CEM Health and all the County Health Directors and other inter-sectoral CEM for the enormous support given to Makueni MTC. This made the college start off smoothly and steadily grow to the point it is today.

We would also like to thank the business community of Wote town for their hospitality by accomodating many visitors of the college and students who reside in their rental houses, the farmers of Makueni County who sell fruits and other farm products to our students. Many thanks to all and we wish many more join the business community to improve the lively hood of the people of Makueni.

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