Kenya Medical Training College – KMTC Fee Structure Regular, Parallel and Foreign students 2018

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KMTC Fee Structure – Kenya Medical Training College Fee Structure

There are three fee categories namely:

  1. KMTC Fee Structure Regular
  2. KMTC Fee Structure Parallel/In-service
  3. KMTC Fee Structure Foreign (as detailed in the Current fees structure)

The fee structure can be obtained from the website

Kenya Medical Training College – KMTC Colleges in Kenya

The following are the established Government Medical Training Colleges in Kenya


KMTC Kabarnet Medical Training Centre

P.O. Box 401, Kabarnet

Tel: O53-2395


KMTC Embu Medical Training College

Next to Embu Provincial General Hospital

P.O. Box 402, Embu, 60400

Tel: 068-20206


KMTC Garissa Medical Training Centre

Garissa Town

P.O. Box 167, Garissa, 70100

Tel: O46-2226


KMTC Homa Bay Medical Training Centre

Next to Homa Bay High School

P.O. Box 512, Homa Bay, 40300

Tel: 059-22109


KMTC Kakamega Medical Training Centre

P.O. Box 535, Kakamega

Tel: 056-20333


KMTC Thika Medical Training Centre

Thika Town

P.O. Box 729, Thika, 01000

Tel: 067-21621, 30256


KMTC Kilifi Medical Training Centre

P.O. BOX 95, Kilifi 80108

Tel: 041-7522476


KMTC Kisii Medical Training Centre

Behind Kisii Level 5 Hospital

P.O. Box 1165, Kisii 40200

Tel: O58-30664


KMTC Machakos Medical Training Centre

Off Nairobi-Machakos Road

P.O. Box 837, Machakos, 90100

Tel: O44-21816


KMTC Meru Medical Training Centre

P.O. Box 1484, Meru, 60200

Tel: 064-20537


KMTC Mombasa Medical Training Centre

Sheikh Abdula Taib Road

P.O. Box 87946, Mombasa, 80100

Tel: 041-2312201, 2220513


KMTC Murang’a Medical Training Centre

P.O. Box 69, Murang’a, 10200

Tel: 060-22780


KMTC Kenya Medical Training Centre

Ngong Road

P.O. Box 30195, Nairobi 00100

Tel: 020-2725711-14

Fax: 020-2722907



Pumwani Maternity Hospital

Gen. Waruinge Street

P.O. Box 42859 Nairobi 00100

Tel: 020-6763296/7 Ext 259


Kenya Medical Training College – KMTC Nakuru

Nakuru Ravine Road, Next to Nakuru Provincial General


Tel: O51-2211843



KMTC Nyeri Medical Training Centre

P.O. Box 466, Nyeri

Tel: 061-2487, 2480


KMTC Eldoret Medical Training College

P.O. Box 520, Eldoret, 30100

Tel: 053-2031955

KMTC Intake and Calendar of Activities

Activities Begin End Remarks
1. Advertisement and Selection of In and Pre-Service Programmes:
In-Service Courses: Advertisement (i) 15th November 15th January  
Selection End of February 15th March.  
Pre-Service Courses: Advertisement:(Regular category) Between 1st March 15th April  
Selection first week of June    
Advertisement for Self Sponsored Students and Parallel 1st week of July    
selection 3rd week of July    
2. Reporting Dates:
In-service (up-grading and Post-basic) 1st week of September    
Pre-service (Regular, Self Sponsored Students and Parallel) 2nd week of September.    
3. Starting of Academic Year
Academic year begins 1st week of September    
4. Beginning and end of Semesters/Terms:
* Semesters: There will be two semesters with a short break in December (2 weeks) and long break in August (one full month).
1st Semester 1st September Beginning of February.  
2nd Semester beginning of March end of July  
Term System: There will be three (3) terms in a year of 16 weeks each
* There will be two breaks – short one in December (2 weeks) and long one in August (4 weeks).
1st term 1st week of September 3rd week of December  
2nd term 2nd week January 2nd week of April  
3rd term 3rd week End of July  
5. (a) (i) Final Qualifying Examinations – Period (September classes)
Examinations to be conducted and marked 2nd week of June end of July *March class of Nursing Final Qualifying Examinations can be conducted and marked during this period also
Examinations Results Declaration August    
(ii)Supplementary Examinations
Those referred for 3 months last week of November 1st week of December Results will be declared in the 2nd week of December.
September class of Nursing Final Qualifying Examinations can be conducted and marked also during this period.
Those referred for 6 months last week of February 1st week of March Results will be declared in the 2nd week of March
(b) Final Qualifying Examinations – Period (March classes)
Examinations will be conducted and marked Beginning of March End of March This will include Post-basic courses taking 18 months.
Declaration of results 1st week of April.    
Supplementary examinations for those referred for 3 months     Will be done together with the Final Qualifying Examinations of September class.
6. Block Timetables For Other Activities:
Sports 3rd week of October End of November  
Community Service 2nd Saturday of May    
College Graduation 1st Thursday of December    
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