Kenya Medical Training College Kmtc Bondo Campus Fee structure and Intake dates, Courses offered, location, official contacts

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Bondo Campus

KMTC Bondo Campus was started in September 2012. The main campus is situated within Bondo town next to the Hospital. It offers Diplomas in Nursing and Clinical Medicine while the annex campus is situated in Masita, approximately 6 km from Bondo.

Masita satellite campus


The annex campus offers Diploma in Health records and information technology and Certificate in Health records and information technology.

KMTC Bondo offers a favorable learning environment with a fully equipped computer lab and a library where students are able to conduct their studies. The institution also has a skills lab and students are able to get the required knowledge. We actively participate in extra-curriculum activities which has enabled our students to have quality training.


Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Bondo Campus is one of the 65 campuses of the KMTC Headquartered in Nairobi. We are located in Siaya County within Bondo Constituency. The college is situated along the Siaya main road adjacent to the Bondo Sub-County hospital, along the Kisian Usenge road.

The main campus lies on 5 acres of land while the annex lies on 6 acres of land.

Administration Structure

The institution is managed by a management committee headed by the Principal. The Management Committee is composed of all Heads of Departments (HoDs). These HoDs spearhead interdepartmental collaboration and teamwork. The operational activities are coordinated by various committees.

Student Population
The College has a total of 736 students distributed as follows in the departments.

SEPTEMBER 2015 34 19 53
SEPTEMBER 2016 26 24 50
TOTAL     103




SEPTEMBER 2013 17 24 41
SEPTEMBER 2014 19 32 51
MARCH 2015 23 24 47
SEPTEMBER 2015 23 27 50
MARCH 2016 17 34 51
SEPTEMBER 2016     50
TOTAL     290




MARCH 2015 10 35 45
DIP SEPTEMBER 2015 09 06 23
CERT.SEPTEMBER 2015 22 72 94
CERT MARCH 2016 14 43 57
SEPTEMBER 2016     62
DIP SEPTEMBER 2016     40
TOTAL     321


Nursing department
The department has three (3) KMTC lecturers assisted by one (1) from the county, and four (4 ) part time lecturers.

Clinical Medicine department

Has three (3) KMTC lecturers and eight (8) external lecturers
Health records and IT
Has three (3) KMTC lecturers and seven (7) external lecturers

Non Academic Staff 

The campus has a total of 18 non – academic staff members. They are;
Administrative officers – 1 officer
Librarian – 1
Library assistants – 1
Procurement – 1 officer
Accountant II – 1 officer
Driver – 1 officers
Secretaries -1 secretaries
Housekeepers -1 h/keeper
Security wardens – 1 wardens
Cooks -4 cooks
Support staffs – 4 support staffs



Courses Offered

Courses Offered in the Campus

  • Diploma in clinical medicine (Pre-service)
  • Diploma in health records and information technology (Up-grading)
  • Certificate in health records and information technology (Pre-service)
  • Diploma in Nursing (pre-service)

Future plans

The campus hopes to start the following courses in the near future;

  • Diploma in Pharmacy


Mode of Learning

The long term basic programs are offered full time from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
Students in the department of Nursing alternate between theory blocks and practical experiences in the clinical areas. At the end of each theory block, pre-service students attend skills lab sessions, where they are taught various practical skills. Then they are subjected to an objectively scored clinical examination (OSCE). The students then go to the clinical areas where they rotate through the Maternity Unit, Outpatient department, surgical, medical and pediatric wards.

Clinical Medicine students rotate in all the wards within the Sub-County Hospital including the outpatient department and theatre, where they gain various practical skills. The students are then guided to conduct a community diagnosis, after which they conduct a one day outreach in the area where they did the community diagnosis.  They then proceed to the Rural Health centers for six weeks to gain experience in rural health care and health center management.

Health records department certificate course has two clinical placements; the first placement is done in the national and referral hospital where the second placement in the Sub-County hospitals. The diploma program has one clinical area placement in the national and referral/ Sub-County hospitals followed by a second placement for data collection for their research projects. The diploma students undergo training in research methodology and database management.




Clinical experience areas
Bondo Sub-County Hospital is the main teaching facility for KMTC Bondo. It has a bed capacity of 100 patients. The hospital is rapidly expanding and offers the experience required by the students. The other centers of clinical experience also utilized by the institution for clinical experience are other county and sub county hospitals namely;

  • Busia
  • Got Agulu
  • Siaya
  • Kisumu
  • Kakamega
  • Kombewa



The main campus has a hostel with a capacity of 102 students while the annex campus (Masita), hostel has a capacity of 130 students. Plans are underway to look for public and private partnership investors to help in putting up a six hundred bed capacity hostel to serve the students.


Clubs and Sports

The college has the following clubs:

  1. Christian Union.
  2. Seventh Day Adventist Union (S D A)
  3. YCS

Some of the sports available include:

  1.  Football – men and ladies
  2. Volleyball – men and ladies
  3. Netball ladies
  4.  Rugby – men
  5.  Indoor games
  6. Athletics 


Future Plans

In its five year development plan, the campus proposes to have more classrooms and hostels built to be able to serve the students.

The campus is also currently using savings for development from recurrent expenditure to construct classrooms.

Contact Information

KMTC Bondo Campus

P.O. Box 473-511,


Tel: 0202584683


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