Kenya Medical Training College Kmtc Bomet Campus Fee structure and Intake dates, Courses offered, location, official contacts

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Bomet Medical Training is located within Longisa County hospital. It has 2.8 hectares of Land that is approximately 7 acres. It was conceived in March 2013, as a community initiative and the County government of Bomet. They were given a go ahead by the KMTC Director and a task force was formed who implement the project. In October 2013, the first class of 50 Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing Diploma students was admitted. .The current population of students is 200. The College admits 2 intakes per year.

Courses Offered

Currently the college is offering Diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing with plans to Increase programs from 1-4 by 2016 – Clinical Medicine, Nutrition, EHS.

Mode of Study

  • Full time from 8.00a.m to 4.00 P. m (Monday to Friday except during practical lessons which they attend during weekends )
  • Students use Longisa county hospital which is about 20 meters as their clinical experience centre.
  • There is also ICT lessons which is mandatory to all students.


Facilities Available
A fully equipped skills lab – Where students undergo their practicals before moving to their clinical areas where they will interact with patients in wards .Staff offices and Departments .These comprises of Principal’s office, Deputy Principal’s office, administrator’s office and staff launch.

Computer Laboratory – Bomet Medical training college has a fully equipped computer laboratory with a total of 36 desktop computers and four laptops.26 computers are used in teaching students computer lessons while four laptops and 10 desktop computers are used in executing administration duties. This is also where students undergo research during their learning. There is a presence of WIFI network which enable students to Google and research on various topics pertaining their daily studies.

A library – KMTC Bomet also has a library which is located in a serene environment conducive for learning. It is in the process of being fully equipped with learning materials including making it a research hub with the presence of WIFI network.

The college has built new classrooms – This will enable smooth teaching and learning of students.

Housing and Dining
Hostels with a capacity of 80 students – There is a hostel which accommodates 80 students. There is a plan to construct more hostels for both male and female to allow for more students to be accommodated in future. The hostel also is equipped with two water tanks with a capacity of 10,000 liters. These assist in storage of rain water which together with piped water enables students to access water without experiencing shortages.


Dining hall and Kitchen

The College is currently sharing dining facilities with Longisa county hospital. The facility is located within the hospital with delicious meals and a flexible menu which is student friendly. There is a plan underway by college to construct their own dining facilities.

Clubs in the Campus

  • Sports club. Participate in ball games like volleyball, Football, Handball and many other sporting activities
  • Christian union club

Contact Information

KMTC Bomet Campus

P.O. Box 126,


Tel: 0739 – 252149




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