Kenya Defence Forces 2020/2021 2019 Recruitment

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 Do you wish to apply for the 2020 Kenya Defence Forces Recruitment exercise? This page walks you through all you need to know about the Kenya Defence Forces recruitment in 2019.


KDF Recruitment 2020

Several young Kenyan citizens are always on the look-out to apply for positions in the Kenya Defence Force. The reasons behind the ambition to join KDF varies with many young men and women applying because of the love of the job while others join due to the benefits that come with being a force-man in the country. It is however unfortunate that not all persons who apply for positions in KdF are recruited.

Also, in some cases, people who were selected to participate in the recruitment exercise ended up not graduating to become members of KDF. In some cases, these categories of people were disqualified for going against established standard while in order cases, some prospective recruits have elected to go back home due to the difficulty of the training exercise.

Therefore, early physical and mental preparations are key to successfully participate in kdf recruitment.

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KDF Recruitment 2020 – What to expect

Over the years, the KDF recruitment process has remained pretty much the same with no significant changes in activities. In most cases, the minor changes observed during recruitment process include the application period and the closing dates. The recruitment structure remains the same.

To take part in the recruitment process, prospective applicants must meet some requirements which include;

  • Interested applicants must have a KCSE certificate and should have a minimum of D
  • Applicants who score B or above would be placed on special offers and officer training
  • Applicants must be Kenyan citizens
  • Applicants must be ages 18 – 26 years
  • Applicants must not be weighed less than 54.55kg
  • Must be taller than 5.3’

Prospective applicants applying to become officers have slightly different requirements which include

  • You must be aged between 18 and 29 years
  • Must not weigh less than 54.55kg
  • You must have scored a minimum of B in KCSE
  • Officer schools are given to graduates first
  • Applicants must have at least two years experience in your field of specialization

The KDF recruitment exercise has been an honest process over the years apart of few cases where applicants have colluded with some officers to ensure they desperately get positions in KDF. In cases where unfortunate incidence like this has occurred, KDF has disqualified and prosecuted such applicants as well as discharging officers involved in the incidence.

Generally, the KDF recruitment exercise is usually conducted with integrity and applicants deserving applicants who are deemed the most successful and fit are recruited into the Kenya Defence Force

When is the Next KDF Recruitment Date?

Kenyan citizens have stormed the internet in their thousands to ask questions about the next recruitment date of the KDF. Some media outlets and website have capitalized in the increased interest of the citizens to announce false dates about KDF recruitment.

We categorically state that as of the time of publishing this article, there is no official date yet for application into Kenya Defence Forces. We urge interested applicants to keep constantly return to this page to check for the update about KDF. When the KDF officially announces the date of application we are certain to update our page and send notifications to prospective applicants who subscribe to our page.

Closing date

The closing date into KDF is not yet announced. The closing date would be announced when the application portal is open.

For more information, do visit the website


KDF 2020 Recruitment Dates and centres


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